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August 25, 1969 | Volume 31, Issue 9

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O.J. Simpson Cover - Sports Illustrated August 25, 1969

August 25, 1969 | Whitney Tower
The conqueror of Majestic Prince in the Belmont, Arts and Letters (No. 5) came charging through the field at the quarter pole to win the historic Travers Stakes and probable selection as Horse of...

August 25, 1969 | Edwin Shrake

August 25, 1969 | Dan Jenkins

August 25, 1969
Arnie is 40 and, even worse, his hip hurts so much he can't play. A gallery of color photos, along with a touching tribute by Dan Jenkins, salute the glory days of Arnold Palmer.

August 25, 1969 | Gary Ronberg

August 25, 1969 | Garry Valk
There are certain appellations that any man would be proud to have after his name—millionaire, All-America, bestselling author—but they are out of reach for most of us. Not so with one of our...

August 25, 1969
Brenda Starr, girl reporter, hasn't aged a day since 1940 when the eponymous comic strip first appeared. She's still romantically pursuing Editor Hennie Horton, still getting into journalistic hot...

August 25, 1969 | Curry Kirkpatrick
Having stunned—but really stunned—Britain, 'Tirry Baby' and 'Nasty' are headed for Cleveland to challenge the U.S. for the Davis Cup

August 25, 1969 | Roy Blount Jr.
That's the way envious American opponents would describe the performance of Catherine Lacoste, the French girl who last week added the U.S. Amateur championship to the Open title she won two years ago

August 25, 1969 | Jule Campbell
The year 1869 was, in the sporting sense, triply distinguished by the start of major league baseball, by the invention of intercollegiate football, and by an extraordinary elegance in the dress of...

August 25, 1969 | M. R. Werner
For all its conservative stance, Vermont had to turn to the track when it discovered that you can't support a state on maple syrup

August 25, 1969 | John Underwood

August 25, 1969 | John Underwood
BASKETBALLCoach Nichols, who suspended his star when he cut a political science class to go to practice: "We cannot condone outright refusal to obey orders." Nichols kept his job.

August 25, 1969 | John Underwood
BRYANT: "Why do you pick a school if you think you're going to change it or break its rules as soon as you get there...? You picked Alabama. You wanted to play here. You must have thought you...

August 25, 1969 | John Underwood
Three case studies of big-time football coaches under siege. Bob Ward, an intense disciplinarian, was fired by the University of Maryland. Dee Andros, an amiable autocrat, has survived at Oregon...

August 25, 1969
ARCHERY—HARDY WARD of the U.S. hit the target dead center with his last arrow to edge fellow American John Williams in the 25th World Archery Championships in Valley Forge, Pa. Ward and Williams...

August 25, 1969
4—Cover jacket photograph by Robert Riger from book published by Simon and Schuster20, 21—Neil Leifer22, 23—Heinz Kluetmeier24, 25-UPI (2) Ira Block26—Ira Block29—Martin Mills (Black-Star)51—from...

August 25, 1969
Ty Militano, 8, Of Fairfield, Calif., recently enjoyed a day at the plate that would have broken two major league records. Playing in the recreation department's Pee Wee League, Ty led a rout with...

August 25, 1969 | Peter Carry

August 25, 1969 | Peter Carry
Oriole righthander Jim Palmer is not even a college graduate, but he sounds like an orthopedist when he discusses arm, hip, back and shoulder injuries. Palmer blithely talks of infraspinatus...

August 25, 1969
WHO'S AFRAID?Sirs:How could Joe Namath have won the College All-Star Game (The Rookies Give It a Shot, Aug. 11)? The official who made the bad call took a lot off Joe's shoulders. And how does Pat...

August 25, 1969

August 25, 1969
•Tom Day, veteran defensive end for the Buffalo Bills, on playing football in the Astrodome: "I hate playing there. You can't dig in. You can't even spit. You remember you're inside on a rug, so...