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October 20, 1969 | Volume 31, Issue 17

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Brooks Robinson Cover - Sports Illustrated October 20, 1969

October 20, 1969
BOATING—DON ARONOW, in The Cigarette, powered by two 475-horsepower Mercruiser engines, won the 148-mile Miami-to-Nassau powerboat race in 2 hours, 50 minutes, cutting 22 minutes, 47 seconds from...

October 20, 1969
4—illustration by John Huehnergarth24, 25—Arthur Shay26, 27—John Iacono28, 29—Heinz Kluetmeier31—John Iacono32, 33—top, Arthur Shay, Neil Leifer, John Iacono; bottom, Tony Tomsic (2), John...

October 20, 1969
Glenn Gardner, 74, a retired mechanic from Cincinnatus, N.Y. who conceived an ambition to parachute jump during World War I but did not realize it until three years ago, went a step farther and...

October 20, 1969
BOWLS FOR OSUSirs:Regarding your article 62-0 (Oct. 6): since the silliest rule in college football prevents Ohio State from playing in the Rose Bowl, how about the Super Bowl?P. N. BROWNColumbus,...

October 20, 1969 | Wilfrid Sheed
They both won the most games in their divisions and swept their respective playoffs, so it is appropriate that they should appear in the World Series." Thus the old wizard, Curt Gowdy, accounting...

October 20, 1969 | Mary Evans
The islands of Bermuda are shaped like a fishhook, and their beauty has caught the heart of many visitors. But just off the pink shores of the island are some 70 miles of coral reefs, which have...

October 20, 1969

October 20, 1969
•White House reporters, told that the President had not yet decided whether or not to attend the opening game of the World Series: "If he doesn't go, can we use his tickets?"

October 20, 1969 | Dan Jenkins
They were on Darrell Royal's Longhorns in Dallas last week as Texas spotted Oklahoma 14 points, then roared back

October 20, 1969 | Pete Waldmeir
As the remarkable Gordie Howe opened his 24th hockey season—in triumph and with a burst of the old bravura—he recalled rookie days when he could hear the pucks from his pad

October 20, 1969
Lew Alcindor tells his own story, for the first time, and Frank Deford previews the 1969-70 pro basketball season, in which Lew will help upset the old balance of power.

October 20, 1969 | Robert H. Boyle
Even before the season began, it was apparent that the pros had an extraordinary array of rookies. To be sure, there have been other great rookie years (notably 1956, when Jim Brown, Paul Hornung,...

October 20, 1969 | Calvin Hill
I'm both excited and surprised to be playing regularly as a rookie for the Dallas Cowboys. Last year at Yale, I began to think I had a good chance to make it in pro football. I thought I'd be...

October 20, 1969 | Garry Valk
A weekend ago television probably reached its acme, if not its Zenith. The dial spinning began on Saturday when the Baltimore Orioles needed 12 innings to beat the Minnesota Twins in one of the...

October 20, 1969 | Mark Mulvoy

October 20, 1969
The American male's craving to hand mama a stopwatch and go out and burn up some rubber in a sports car, first noted as a curiosity in the late 1940s, has increased mightily since. In the Sports...

October 20, 1969 | Bil Gilbert
For a surefire 1971 Heisman Trophy winner, Greg Johnson is having trouble living up to his 301 IQ and magic chest

October 20, 1969 | William F. Reed

October 20, 1969 | William F. Reed
THE BACK: Quarterbacks Denny Painter and Watson Brown hit on 22 of 34 passes as Vandy upset Alabama 14-10. Watson passed for the winning TD but Painter, up from the B squad, threw for 60 yards in...

October 20, 1969
"They started off with pretty good equipment, but man, it got better," says Packer publicist Chuck Lane of Mrs. Bart Starr (left) and Mrs. Zeke Bratkowski. "If they're any example, the whole world...

October 20, 1969 | Robert H. Boyle
Ray Scott rides herd on the watery range of bass fishermen who are crawling out from behind every stump to join his organization

October 20, 1969 | Jerrold Schecter

October 20, 1969 | Emmett Watson
But it took 42 years for two old partners to win their second title

October 20, 1969 | M. R. Werner
That was the headline in 'Variety' when Sonny Werblin left show biz to concentrate on sports, and he's still taking big risks that pay off

October 20, 1969 | Myron Cope