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November 10, 1969 | Volume 31, Issue 20

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Steve Owens Cover - Sports Illustrated November 10, 1969

November 10, 1969

November 10, 1969
•Jim Sweeney, Washington State football coach whose team has a 1-6 season record, after the regents tore up his one-year contract and wrote another for three years: "Did they think I might go...

November 10, 1969 | Dan Jenkins

November 10, 1969 | Gary Ronberg
In the hockey season's first test of its top teams, Boston blew into Montreal on a gust of tough talk—and stumbled out beneath a blizzard of Canadien goals as the resentful Habs poured it on.

November 10, 1969 | Robert F. Jones

November 10, 1969
Italy is it, both for seeing and skiing this season. All of the sites and settings are covered in a colorful 16-page package that tells what to wear and where to play in the Dolomites.

November 10, 1969 | Jacquin Sanders

November 10, 1969 | Lew Alcindor

November 10, 1969 | Garry Valk
A sample from last week's mail was typical enough. "Now you've done it. The final humiliation. Your unmitigated gall has carried you over the threshold of insanity. We unbiased Stanford rooters...

November 10, 1969
"I'm an Impressionist of sorts," says Cincinnati's rookie Quarterback Greg Cook, adding modestly, "though I'm not to be compared to Monet, Manet or Renoir." Primarily a water-colorist, Cook does...

November 10, 1969 | Sandy Treadwell
Rooters of the unbeaten Volunteers have known all season that their team deserved to be No. 1. After last week's victory over rugged Georgia words to the contrary will mean war

November 10, 1969 | William F. Reed

November 10, 1969 | William F. Reed
THE BACK: Quarterback Archie Manning passed and ran Ole Miss to a come-from-behind 26-23 victory over previously unbeaten LSU. Manning, from Drew, Miss., hit on 22 of 36 passes for 210 yards and...

November 10, 1969 | Virginia Kraft
A sumptuous oasis sits in the middle of the arid South Texas brush country, serving as a haven for rich but weary hunters who have spent a frustrating day chasing skittery blue quail across the...

November 10, 1969 | Jack Nicklaus
Even in golf there are times when discretion is the better part of valor, and this predicament is one of them. That's me in the sand trap, standing about 50 feet below the plateaued green. I am...

November 10, 1969 | Hugh D. Whall
In a grand reach back to the past, Chesapeake Bay's arster-drudging skipjack sailors met in a race ruled by their own code—survival

November 10, 1969 | Coles Phinizy

November 10, 1969 | Bil Gilbert

November 10, 1969
BASKETBALL—NBA: The Knicks continued 10 play almost flawlessly. When they beat Atlanta 128-104, Walt Frazier, their usual leader in assists, got none, but the team piled up 37, its high for the...

November 10, 1969
Dennis Coady, a senior halfback at Worcester (Mass.) Academy who until this year concentrated on defense, ran for 190 yards from scrimmage, made a 92-yard kickoff return and scored four touchdowns...

November 10, 1969
18—Neil Leifer19—James Drake (2), Sheedy & Long, Wayne Wilson from Leviton-Atlanta20—James Drake, Tony Triolo, Walter Iooss Jr.23—James Drake26—Herb Scharfman27-29—Walter Iooss Jr.36, 37—Curt...

November 10, 1969
BUCKS AND BOMBSSirs:I would like to congratulate Frank Deford on his NBA predictions (Goodby to the Old Balance of Power, Oct. 27). They were a riot! Thanks for the laughs.JOHN DEVENDORF...

November 10, 1969 | Robert Cantwell
Sea ice appears off northernmost Alaska in late September or early October. It does not form along the shore but is driven in from far out at sea by wind and currents. By the end of October there...

November 10, 1969 | William Furlong
It is a simple fact of U.S. big-league hockey that all the best skaters come from Canada, but that fact did not discourage the owner of the Chicago team from trying to Americanize the game