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November 24, 1969 | Volume 31, Issue 22

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated November 24, 1969

November 24, 1969
TURN 'EM LOOSEThe Big Ten rule that will doubtless keep the nation's best football team from playing in a bowl game obviously is absurd. But so is the whole system of bowl-conference alignments...

November 24, 1969
•Al Denson, Denver wide receiver, explaining what it's like to be tackled at the same moment you catch the ball: "It's like walking out of a store with a bag of groceries and getting hit by a car....

November 24, 1969 | Robert F. Jones
Despite Joe Namath's insulated mittens, the Jets were cold, and the Chiefs, with razzle by tiny Warren McVea and dazzle by Len Dawson and Otis Taylor, his favorite receiver, won 34-16

November 24, 1969 | Edwin Shrake
Getting rich on the races—a dream to so many—inspired the Fulton Street mob that stole $1.3 million in Aqueduct receipts

November 24, 1969 | Dan Jenkins

November 24, 1969 | Carleton Mitchell
In fierce secrecy and at enormous cost, French pen lord Marcel Bich is pushing a formidable challenge for the America's Cup. A famous U.S. yachtsman, employing 007 techniques, penetrates the veil

November 24, 1969
BASKETBALL 1969-70: In SI's survey of the college season, Pistol Pete Maravich reveals his wizardry. With scouting reports—UCLA is not preferred—and a gallery of stars.

November 24, 1969 | Garry Valk
It is not often we get involved in international intrigue, but the more we tried to find out what France was up to in its efforts to win the America's Cup next summer, the more intrigued we...

November 24, 1969 | Frank Deford

November 24, 1969 | Pat Putnam
All week Tennessee fans taunted Ole Miss with cries of 'Who's Archie?' On Saturday Archie Manning showed them

November 24, 1969 | William F. Reed

November 24, 1969 | William F. Reed
THE BACK: Ohio State's Rex Kern earned a few more Buckeye leaves for his helmet in Ohio State's 42-14 win over Purdue. The junior quarterback ran for 57 yards, passed for 104 more and accounted...

November 24, 1969
Thomas Hart Benton, who at 80 acts more like the good old boy than the grand old man of American painting, has become a pro football fan and is considering doing a high relief of the action "to...

November 24, 1969 | Whitney Tower
The 1969 racing season has yet to conclude its long run, but considering the bizarre happenings of last week this is as good a time as any to wish the sport a better finish another year. In the...

November 24, 1969 | Dan Jenkins
Actor Robert Redford, poised in a starting gate at left, shows it like it is in his new skiing movie shot authentically from inside the sport

November 24, 1969 | Dan Levin
Ian McElmury of La Jolla, Calif. rode 14,000 miles on a bicycle before Sept. 4, 1967, a record of sorts, since that is the day he was born. Two days earlier his cyclist mother Audrey squatted with...

November 24, 1969 | Alfred Wright

November 24, 1969
BASKETBALL—NBA: Last week belonged to the New York Knicks. Of their four wins, which made them the Eastern leader by six full games, probably the most satisfying was the last—they beat Boston in...

November 24, 1969
Jas Patterson, a Colgate senior who is in his first year of big-time racing, won an SCCA regional event at Bridgehampton, N.Y. in an Austin-Healey 3000 MK III, then set a lap record (1:18.0) for...

November 24, 1969
4—drawing by Robert Velde21—illustration by John Huehnergarth28-36—Jerry Cooke42, 43—Fred Kaplan-Black Star50—Arthur Shay63—Wes Lyle-Kansas City Star, Tom Monaster64—Jerry Cooke65—Tony...

November 24, 1969
KISS OF WHAT?Sirs:I am led to understand from his article (Who Gets the Oscar? Nov. 10) that Dan Jenkins doesn't think three of Notre Dame's six Heisman Trophy winners deserved their awards. I'm...

November 24, 1969 | Dan Levin
Most fishermen in search of truth sooner or later arrive at the Angler's Roost, a legendary hole-in-the-wall located at 141 East 44th Street in Manhattan. There, behind the rarest assortment of...

November 24, 1969 | Alice Higgins
When it comes to printing pretty books for the parlor table, most publishers seem to favor sports car fans and yachtsmen over horsey types. Now, in a handsome, expensive ($22.50) and richly...