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December 08, 1969 | Volume 31, Issue 24

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Walt Frazier Cover - Sports Illustrated December 08, 1969

December 08, 1969

December 08, 1969
•Gus Ganakas, new Michigan State basketball coach, on his relative anonymity: "I got mail to all kinds of names: Bananas, Caracas, you name it. I didn't mind that, but one sportswriter called and...

December 08, 1969 | Jerry Kirshenbaum

December 08, 1969 | Jerry Kirshenbaum

December 08, 1969 | Dan Levin
The richest ($4,350 in prizes) surfing contest in history had too many problems to be patient with townies who contended that the sport was 'a free man's art'

December 08, 1969 | Dan Jenkins

December 08, 1969 | Robert H. Boyle

December 08, 1969
Texas vs. Arkansas presents a classic battle, an end-of-the-season game between No. 1 and No. 2, with the national championship at stake. Dan Jenkins reports the action.

December 08, 1969 | Mark Mulvoy

December 08, 1969 | Mark Mulvoy

December 08, 1969 | Garry Valk
While musing aloud—which is how he frequently muses—Staff Writer Mark Mulvoy said not long ago that his idea of the perfect life would be to play golf every afternoon, watch a hockey game at night...

December 08, 1969 | Pat Putnam
Army had won only three games and Navy one but 102,000 people showed up at JFK Stadium to watch Lynn Moore and the Cadets prove that mediocrity beats total ineptness

December 08, 1969 | William F. Reed

December 08, 1969 | William F. Reed
THE BACK: Army's Lynn Moore, who gained only five yards rushing against Navy last year, personally sunk the Midshipmen by rushing for a career-high 206 yards and going in for two touchdowns in the...

December 08, 1969 | Ruth Lieder
There used to be a time in every skier's life, after a hard day on the hill, after sauna, after drinks and just before dinner, when the maître d'hôtel would say, "I'm sorry, sir, but you must wear...

December 08, 1969
Arthur Ashe recently addressed the Women's National Democratic Club, urging its members to relate to the black community. "Try calling your maids by their last names," he suggested, "and put a...

December 08, 1969 | Alice Higgins
Challenging jump courses introduced by entertaining narration highlighted New York's National. A growing regard nationwide for the rules designed to protect an abused breed also distinguished a...

December 08, 1969 | Hugh D. Whall
Cesare Scotti of Italy won the world's biggest, richest outboard powerboat race from a fine field as an American archrival, Don Pruett, crashed

December 08, 1969 | Skip Myslenski
This is how Mrs. Doris Brown, a part-time teacher, described her win in the Nationals, a meet which attracted 542 girls from age 7 on up

December 08, 1969 | Coles Phinizy

December 08, 1969
BASKETBALL—NBA: Coach Joe Mullaney of the Los Angeles Lakers was up against it—he had to meet the league's four toughest teams without the services of Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor and Keith...

December 08, 1969
4—Herb Scharfman22, 23—Sheedy & Long25, 26—Wayne Wilson from Leviton-Atlanta28—Tony Triolo49—Wil Blanche63—Syndication International, UPI66—Sheedy & Long69, 70—Martin H. Mills72-80—Coles...

December 08, 1969
Michael Bocon is the only goalie the soccer team of St. Paul Catholic High in Bristol, Conn. has ever had; and in the two years and 28 games since it began play he has allowed only nine goals. St....

December 08, 1969
GOODBYE, COLUMBUSSirs:Please slap Mr. Dan Jenkins' hands for his article Ohio Slate: Alone at the Top in your Nov. 24 issue. Too bad we did not get to see the great game that he suggested: Ohio...

December 08, 1969 | Charles Morey
Before Ycaza, Baeza and their countrymen made it the native tongue, Spanish was a foreign language at New York's racetracks. A trainer who spoke it then found secrets easier to keep