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December 15, 1969 | Volume 31, Issue 25

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James Street Cover - Sports Illustrated December 15, 1969

December 15, 1969 | Dan Jenkins

December 15, 1969 | Gary Ronberg
Not yet surfeited in this remarkable sporting year, Fun City's fans are clamoring for a new champion in hockey, too—and have a dark horse contender in the surprising Rangers

December 15, 1969 | Clive Gammon

December 15, 1969
The astonishing decade of the '60s, an unparalleled one in sport, is the theme of a Special year-end issue. A 42-page gallery of photographs presents the memorable moments and the heroes of the...

December 15, 1969 | Peter Carry

December 15, 1969 | Brock Yates

December 15, 1969 | Garry Valk
From time to time we come out of this corner swinging—at least our writers do. We have our angry man of conservation. Senior Editor Bob Boyle, who, with the industriousness of Officer Obie...

December 15, 1969 | Frank Deford
As we head into another round of office Christmas parties, let us remember the inspiring words of the National Defilement Association's Yuletide motto: 'Tis the Season to Be Messy

December 15, 1969 | Joe Jares
Voracious recruiter Bob Boyd at USC not only steals talent from his crosstown rivals. He's after their national title

December 15, 1969 | Peter Carry

December 15, 1969 | Barbara La Fontaine
Look at The People (Doubleday) is the title of a new book of poems by Bernie Casey, a former pass receiver for the Los Angeles Rams. The book also contains reproductions of nine of Casey's...

December 15, 1969
Last year, despite rigorous training under the eye of a Canadian Football League veteran, Prime Minister Trudeau flubbed the kickoff of the Grey Cup classic—the ball sailed five feet, rolled five...

December 15, 1969 | Tex Maule
In their fumbling attempts to rearrange the NFL, the owners have agreed on one thing: each wants to be in a division with New Orleans, which has the biggest stadium (above), good weather and only...

December 15, 1969 | Dan Levin

December 15, 1969 | William Johnson
A surprising number of American girls are training valiantly against heavy odds to catch up with dominant Europe in cross-country racing

December 15, 1969 | Mark Kram

December 15, 1969
BASKETBALL—ABA: The Kentucky Colonels, with Guards Carrier and Louie Dumpier making 27 points apiece, set a club scoring record in a 149-124 win over Miami that moved them to within a game of...

December 15, 1969
4—Gerry Cranham21—John Iacono22—Neil Leifer (2), James Drake25—Neil Leifer, James Drake, Dennis Brack-Black Star26—Walter Iooss Jr.30—map by Dan Todd39-41—James Drake55—Sheedy &...

December 15, 1969
Ron Stonitsch, a junior at C.W. Post College in New York, captured the individual title at the NCAA College Division cross-country championships in Wheaton, Ill. He completed the snow-covered,...

December 15, 1969
COLLEGE BASKETBALLSirs:Congratulations on a truly fine college basketball issue (Dec. 1) and on giving the University of South Carolina Gamecocks the ranking of No. 1. Frank McGuire is the...

December 15, 1969

December 15, 1969
•Cal Riemcke, Whitworth College (Wash.) basketball coach, getting read for his first season after a successful coaching career at College of Marin in California, on his new team: "I gave them a...