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January 05, 1970 | Volume 32, Issue 1

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Dave Osborn Cover - Sports Illustrated January 05, 1970

January 05, 1970 | Tex Maule
<i>Besieged at the half, Minnesota fought back to gun down the Rams and win in the West. Then Cleveland throttled Dallas to set up a showdown between two NFL tough guys</i>

January 05, 1970 | Joe Jares
<i>Led by 7'2" Artis Gilmore, Jacksonville University is one tall story that humbled opposing coaches are learning to believe</i>

January 05, 1970 | William Johnson
<b>The marriage of pro football and television—enlivened by an occasional phone-booth tryst—changed the country's way of life</b>

January 05, 1970 | William Johnson
The most competitive of TV sports is a contest the public never sees. Amid intrigue and suspicion, plot and ploy, hilarity and dismay, the networks risk their millions.

January 05, 1970
The name of the game may be defense as Minnesota's Four Norsemen and Cleveland's anonymous front four meet in the NFL game. Tex Maule reports on the hitting.

January 05, 1970 | Alfred Wright
This is the time of year in San Francisco when sailors scrape the barnacles from their BankAmericards and set a course for the boat show—and the sailing season beyond. It has grown quite lustily,...

January 05, 1970 | Edwin Shrake
<b>Oakland's Daryle Lamonica, once named one of the game's 10 most conceited players, thinks he's the best quarterback alive. K.C. will put him to the test in Sunday's AFL title game</b>

January 05, 1970 | J. Richard Munro
For nearly five years the signature at the bottom of this page has featured the familiar G and V of Garry Valk. Under Garry's stewardship, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED reached levels of success few of us so...

January 05, 1970
In Canada for their latest efforts to promote peace, John Lennon and Yoko Ono took time out over the holidays for their first snowmobile ride. Last May they demonstrated for peace by spending 10...

January 05, 1970 | Sandy Treadwell
After a year the ever-hopeful athletic bosses at the University of Detroit are still searching for a smooth route up

January 05, 1970 | Peter Carry

January 05, 1970 | Martin Kane
Completing the military background, Mac Foster's father was an Air Force career sergeant, but if none of that is likely to help him in the ring he can still boast of his record of 22 consecutive...

January 05, 1970 | Dick Francis
<i>What could be more innocent than a jockey's postmidnight snack for a champion racehorse? One of Britain's foremost writers of mystery fiction shows how even a vegetarian diet has room for...

January 05, 1970
<b>DAWN OF THE AGE OF</b>This is our first issue of the new year and of the new decade, and we enter both with a keen sense of anticipation. What Joe Namaths lie before us? What Mets? What...

January 05, 1970
•John Jardine, new football coach at Wisconsin, on long-haired football players: "I believe the helmet protects the head and ought to be as close to the head as possible."

January 05, 1970
4—UPI10—Neil Leifer11—James Drake12—Neil Leifer, James Drake15, 16—Walter Iooss Jr.36, 39—Fred Kaplan-Black Star42—AP, Keystone47—Sheedy & Long61—Staten Island Advance, Lawing Studio, The...

January 05, 1970
Marty Walsh, 17, of Staten Island, N.Y., won his fourth major cross-country championship in 12 days at the Temple University meet. Earlier victories were in the Staten Island Public School, New...

January 05, 1970
BASKETBALL—NBA: In the East, the Knicks slowed up, but not enough to matter as their lead over Baltimore held at 7½ games, while in the West Atlanta won four out of seven to take a 6½-game lead....

January 05, 1970
<b>SPORTSMAN</b>Sirs:Your choice of Tom Seaver as Sportsman of the Year (Dec. 22) is an excellent one. The dictionary defines sportsman as "One who plays fair and can take defeat without...