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January 12, 1970 | Volume 32, Issue 2

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Cheryl Tiegs Cover - Sports Illustrated January 12, 1970

January 12, 1970 | Tex Maule
<i>Whether they went by air or on the ground. Joe Kapp's Vikings met little resistance from Cleveland, whom they beat 27-7, Now, in the Super Bow, Minnesota must deal with the tough Kansas...

January 12, 1970 | Robert F. Jones
As Daryle Lamonica went onto the field his lobo eyes surveyed the banquet: 11 juicy Kansas City Chiefs in appetizing red and white, lambs for his delectation. And just a Sunday beyond this last...

January 12, 1970 | Mark Mulvoy
Richer than his most extravagant admirers believed' Boston's vein of Orr is producing a run at the scoring title that is astounding for a defenseman

January 12, 1970 | Whitney Tower
<i>Though economists predict trouble in 1970, the view of one of sport's major activities—horse racing—remains bullish</i>

January 12, 1970 | Dan Jenkins
<i>Notre Dame came close—and Penn State was rooting for the upset—but after Cotton Speyrer made a heroic catch in the fading moments (below), Texas nailed down the national championship</i>

January 12, 1970
A war of hitters will decide the professional football championship in New Orleans. Can the Chiefs' savage defense contain the Vikings' bruising attack? Tex Maule will report.

January 12, 1970 | Bob Ottum
The last tourist to see Hawaii at its very best was a traveling man named Captain James Cook, who arrived, first class, aboard the HMS Resolution in January of 1778. "They are remarkably cheerful...

January 12, 1970 | Jule Campbell
Once upon a time, way back in the '60s, most swimwear was designed to mold a girl into an ideal, if not very comfortable, all-American image. Sleek and pretty on the outside, many swimsuits were...

January 12, 1970 | J. Richard Munro
First came the telephone call from Hawaii, crackling through the Pacific air, every other word garbled by sunspots or whatever it is that makes such a transmission crackle. It was the message that...

January 12, 1970 | William Johnson
<b>Or how the networks scheme, plot and concoct in the best espionage tradition as they try to do in their brothers at the bidding table and bring home to their viewers the sporting bacon</b>

January 12, 1970 | William Johnson
How Heidi became a sport celebrity, tension behind mike and camera, and what happens in St. Joe when NBC does its best.

January 12, 1970 | Curry Kirkpatrick
With Ah Chew Goo leading the fast break to fun, only the basketball suffers in Hawaii's sunny Rainbow Classic

January 12, 1970 | Peter Carry

January 12, 1970 | Jack Nicklaus
Balance is as important in golf as it is in tightrope walking. Look at the way I'm addressing the ball here. If you took the club out of my hands, I'd fall flat on my face. My stance is slightly...

January 12, 1970 | William Johnson
As President Thomas I. Sheridan Jr. says: golfers do it, yachtsmen do it, and it was predictable that sooner or later there would be

January 12, 1970 | Charles Gillespie
<i>This branch-water bon vivant and world champion marathon water skier is accused by some of having entered his second childhood. Shack and his fun-loving friends deny this with vigor,...

January 12, 1970
BASKETBALL—NBA: Improving steadily as they learn how to take advantage of Alcindor's intimidating presence, the Bucks ran their string to 11 wins in 12 games, including a 13-point victory over the...

January 12, 1970
4—Joyce Ottum13—Walter Iooss Jr.14, 15—Walter Iooss Jr., James Drake, Walter Iooss Jr. (2)16—James Drake, Neil Leifer17, 18—Sheedy & Long20, 21—Heinz Kluetmeier23—Lynn Pelham-Rapho...

January 12, 1970
Dr. John Kennedy, an Albuquerque dentist and three-time New Mexico state tennis champion, defeated Dr. Conway Catton of Los Altos, N. Mex. 12-10, 4-6, 6-4 to take the singles division at the...

January 12, 1970
RECOUNT?Sirs:In answer to a question in your Dec. 22 article, A Game Within a Game: no, I don't believe an AFL all-star team on which Daryle Lamonica didn't get a single vote. How could a...

January 12, 1970
ANOTHER PART OF THE FORESTHere is a small, cheerful note from the racial front. At the Johnstown (Pa.) annual Christmas high school basketball tournament, the tournament's hostesses, all but one...

January 12, 1970
•Bill Fitch, Minnesota basketball coach, exiled from his home by quarantine since mid-December (SCORECARD, Jan. 5) after his third and last daughter came down with chicken pox: "If the dog doesn't...