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January 26, 1970 | Volume 32, Issue 4

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Bob Cousy Cover - Sports Illustrated January 26, 1970

January 26, 1970 | Pat Putnam
Ralph Doubell, who likes the taste of champagne, won a sparkling 1,000 in L.A., but Kip Keino was flat and lost the mile, and fellow Kenyan Naftali Bon, unused to the bounce of the boards, fizzled out

January 26, 1970 | William Leggett
<i>Determined to alter Cincinnati's style, as he had changed many elements of the sport itself when he played, the new coach has traded stars, quashed cliques and transformed attack and...

January 26, 1970 | Victor Mollo
The play of a single card could win or lose as much as $5,000 for Omar Sharif's Circus and the English experts

January 26, 1970
This is little Janet Lynn: blonde, 5'1", who weighs, oh say, 103 pounds (counting both skates)—easily the prettiest pixie of the figure-skating world. Janet began all this fancy whirling and...

January 26, 1970 | Gwilym S. Brown
<b>Britain's John Wyer has risen to the top in auto endurance racing by going fast slowly. The magician behind two Ford upsets at Le Mans switches to Porsche and duels Ferrari as Daytona opens...

January 26, 1970
Teetering at the top, college basketball's No. 1 team is doing a hairbreadth Harry as it fights to hold its new, Alcindorless image. A report on UCLA by Curry Kirkpatrick.

January 26, 1970 | William Johnson
<b>Anxious to make their play to men, the sellers of cars, insurance, travel, cigarettes, razors, tires and long-lasting heads eagerly pay a premium price to spread sports-and their...

January 26, 1970 | William F. Reed
Mormon policy is one thing, the views of BYU's team are another, and the differences are quite surprising

January 26, 1970 | Peter Carry

January 26, 1970 | J. Richard Munro
Do all you people who watched Len Dawson confound the Vikings on the tube really believe what you saw? You're lucky. Luckier by far than Associate Editor William Johnson, whose five-part series on...

January 26, 1970
HEW Secretary Robert Finch made it to the Super Bowl and he found the Chiefs "very sharp—the only place I've seen better end-around plays was by some of the agencies in my own department." HEW, he...

January 26, 1970 | Gary Ronberg
Once a fire-breather for Toronto, Carl Brewer has returned from self-imposed exile as a most civilized defenseman for Detroit. The Wings want him meaner but realize he is the key to a playoff spot...

January 26, 1970 | Virginia Kraft
Stoics who like camping out even in sub-zero weather can keep cozy by taking James Phillips' advice to pad with polyurethane

January 26, 1970 | John Underwood
<i>Outspoken as always, the American League Manager of the Year is extraordinarily candid about the team he rescued from the bone pile and made respectable in his rookie season with the...

January 26, 1970

January 26, 1970
•Wes Unseld, Baltimore Bullets' center, asked just how tall Lew Alcindor is: "I would say he's 7'3½"—conservatively."

January 26, 1970
BASKETBALL—NBA: Early in the week spirits were high in Milwaukee as Lew Alcindor led his team to a 115-113 victory over Los Angeles, with a career-high 46 points and two other scoring records....

January 26, 1970
14-17—Walter Iooss Jr.18—Gerry Cranham26—Wayne Wilson from Leviton-Atlanta39—Borge B. Andersen45—top, Muky46, 47—Heinz Kluetmeier49—Virginia Kraft61—Ventura Photo Service (1)

January 26, 1970
Greg Procell, 6' guard for the Ebrab (La.) Rebels, broke a state high school record by scoring 5,743 points in four years of competition. Since his freshman year, Greg has not hit under 20 points...

January 26, 1970
PARADISIACAL REVELATIONSSirs:Your Jan. 12 article on Hawaii (Go Back to a New Grass Shack) warms me and at the same time stirs deep resentment. You put down the ravening tourist crowd, you scorn...