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February 02, 1970 | Volume 32, Issue 5

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 Cover - Sports Illustrated February 02, 1970

February 02, 1970 | William Johnson
<i>Wearing sleek uniforms and skiing like Jean-Claude himself, a crew called the New Naturals is tearing up the oldtimers as the circuit swings toward Italy and the World Alpine...

February 02, 1970 | Pat Putnam
Africa's lightfoot Miler Kip Keino went tap-tap-tap on Philly's tight, tortuous track as Marty Liquor and other rivals were going thump-thump-thump—and won in the remarkably good time of 4:00.6

February 02, 1970 | William Shoemaker
<i>America's premier jockey begins his story with the astonishing details of the luckiest day of his life—his very first. No athlete in history has come close to earning, strictly in sports,...

February 02, 1970 | William Shoemaker
Shoe reveals the surprising background to his famous Derby ride on Gallant Man and his one unfulfilled ambition.

February 02, 1970
Looking at a map of Florida and the islands to the east, a fisherman feels that he can reach out and touch the sandy spits of the Bahamas from the shores of the mainland. Artist Tom Allen and his...

February 02, 1970
The big sports cars open a new world-championship season at Daytona as Ferrari returns to challenge speedsters from Porsche and Matra. Bob Jones reports the 24-hour race.

February 02, 1970 | Dan Jenkins
<b>Question: After a four-year tournament dry spell, during which he stands, in his words, '0 for 80,' why doesn't dapper Dave Marr just quit golf? Answer: He can't quit, he's a celebrity</b>

February 02, 1970
The London Evening News recently printed chess problem No. 4,632, contributed by V. Nabokov, and advised readers that the gentleman would be making a similar contribution to the Sun-clay Times...

February 02, 1970

February 02, 1970 | Peter Carry
Stephen F. Austin's Lumberjacks, tops among small colleges, may talk country but they play ball like city slickers

February 02, 1970 | J. Richard Munro
It has always been a fundamental concept of this magazine that life should have a quality, a zest, which transcends bare—or even plentiful—survival. And we are hardly newcomers to the awareness...

February 02, 1970 | Frank Deford
The MVP trophy that ABA Commissioner Dolph gave Spencer Haywood was two feet taller than the one NBA Commissioner Kennedy gave Willis Reed, but both leagues deserve awards for madness without method

February 02, 1970 | Lord Ritchie-Calder
<i>The destruction of the environment, the erosion of the 'quality of life,' has become the foremost issue of the day. Making 'our peace with nature,' said President Nixon in his State of the...

February 02, 1970
Cover—design by Richard Gangel, photographic background by Eliot Elisofon-LIFE4—Sheedy & Long19—Tony Triolo20—Whitney Tower25—Michael Rougier-LIFE32—Bill Mark35—Martin H. Mills-Black...

February 02, 1970
Chick Green, 5'10" guard for Geeter High in Memphis, who is the top scorer in the city with a 28.9 average, compiled as many points as the opposition when the Dragons defeated Westside High of...

February 02, 1970
BASKETBALL—NBA: The West had six of the league's top 10 scorers on its team, but the East had Willis Reed and Oscar Robertson to lead it to a 142-135 All-Star victory. Reed received the MVP award,...

February 02, 1970
SIGHT, SOUND AND FURYSirs:Delving into the personalities of television sportscasters made for a quite amusing story on their not-so-inactive world (Towering Babble and [Sob] Heidi, Jan. 19). We,...

February 02, 1970 | Edited by Robert Creamer

February 02, 1970 | Edited by Robert Creamer
•Bobby Orr, Boston Bruin 21-year-old star who is on his way to becoming a young millionaire, asked if he would like to coach an All-Star hockey team with players like Detroit's Gordie Howe and...

February 02, 1970 | Curry Kirkpatrick
<i>Everybody plays, now that the one-man gang, Lew Alcindor, has gone. UCLA is not better but it's brighter and No. 1</i>

February 02, 1970 | Bil Gilbert
When I was an undergraduate at Georgetown University a young historian named Carroll Quigley offered a course called Development of Civilization, a one-year survey of human activity from roughly...