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March 16, 1970 | Volume 32, Issue 11

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Dan Issel Cover - Sports Illustrated March 16, 1970

March 16, 1970 | Hugh D. Whall
Across wind-raked Southern waters 'American Eagle' scored a startling victory over the lordly 'Windward Passage' and a bristling armada, bringing glory to her fiery skipper and some painful joys...

March 16, 1970 | Mark Mulvoy
Baseball's highest-paid player, Carl Yastrzemski, has been the hope—and sometimes the despair—of four Boston managers. So far silent Eddie Kasko, the latest Red Sox pilot appears to have Yaz' O.K.

March 16, 1970 | Joe Jares
<i>A team with a big man in the middle may win the NCAA basketball championship, but if so it won't be UCLA. The Bruins, without Lew Alcindor, are favorites but they'll be looking up for the...

March 16, 1970 | Joe Jares

March 16, 1970 | Jack Olsen
<b>Snowmobiles are great fun and they get you outdoors to winter's wonderlands. Snowmobiles also are ear-shattering, dangerous and damaging to the delicate balance of our ecology. There are...

March 16, 1970
An expensive enigma, the St. Louis Cards are baseball's most changed team. William Leggett explores the ways of a franchise intrepid enough to take a dare on Richie Allen.

March 16, 1970
All done up for battle they look full of fire and ferocious. Still, inside every girl ski racer there hides a real live girl who can change quickly into her wistful, it's-poor-little-old-me...

March 16, 1970 | J. Richard Munro
With the publication this week of the case against snowmobiles (page 28), our editors are bracing themselves for an avalanche of dear-sir-you-cur letters from snowmobile fanatics. It seems likely...

March 16, 1970 | Alfred Wright
<b>So says Jerry West, who has done so much to keep his team in contention while it waits for Chamberlain to come back. Behind the scenes a new, low-key coach has challenged some of the game's...

March 16, 1970 | Dan Levin
Another name for the pollock is 'green salmon,' and by any name this cousin of the cod is the most underrated game fish of northern waters

March 16, 1970 | William F. Reed
That anathema of the coaching profession—long hair—reared its shaggy head recently at the University of Utah. The hair, which hung below the shoulders, was the glory of a member of the swimming...

March 16, 1970 | Whitney Tower
Derby favorites now include My Dad George and Corn Off The Cob

March 16, 1970 | Gary Ronberg
By curbing their free-ranging stars and signing some talented rookies the Chicago Black Hawks have spiraled up into the heat of the NHL race

March 16, 1970 | Pat Ryan
<i>The selection of his thoroughbred as Horse of the Year reflects Paul Mellor's eminence in the racing game, but its name—no accident—is a tribute to other passions that guarantee him lasting...

March 16, 1970
BASKETBALL—NBA: The success of the New York Knicks, staging their best season ever and now only three games away from the Eastern Division crown, was reflected in the one million attendance record...

March 16, 1970
Cover—top, Sheedy & Long, bottom, Rich Clarkson, Tony Triolo4—Tony Triolo16—Hugh Whall20, 21—Herb Scharfman (2), Charles Trainor23—Bruce Roberts-Rapho Guillumette24—Rich Clarkson25—top, James...

March 16, 1970
John Piscopo Jr. of Tilton, N.H. successfully defended his title as world champion sled-dog racer when, over a period of three days, he covered the 60-mile Laconia, N.H. course in 3:40:04....

March 16, 1970
<b>DOWNFALL (CONT.)</b>Sirs:The story behind Denny McLain can be no better told than by Bill Freehan (<i>Never Touch a Superstar</i>, March 2). Too often a team has failed to achieve...

March 16, 1970

March 16, 1970
•Tug McGraw, New York Mets' pitcher and Marine Corps reservist, after Governor Claude Kirk of Florida, at an awards dinner, had denounced campus hecklers for their "disheveled filth and long hair"...

March 16, 1970 | Burt Prelutsky
Incredible Athletic Feats (Hart Publishing Company, $5.95) is an illustrated compilation of my childhood fantasies—and those of most any other boy. As such, it is partly Believe It Or Not, partly...

March 16, 1970 | Stan Fischler
That's what the hockey fans in the NHL shouted at Bill Chadwick, who never told them they were half right