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April 06, 1970 | Volume 32, Issue 14

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Keith Magnuson Cover - Sports Illustrated April 06, 1970

April 06, 1970 | Edited by Martin Kane

April 06, 1970 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Harry Sinden, Boston Bruins coach, asked if Bobby Orr played one of his best games after the Bruins' star scored two goals and two assists against Minnesota: "Yes, I guess you can say it was one...

April 06, 1970 | Mark Mulvoy
<i>Their names are not Hull and Orr, but in the heat of the Chicago-Boston hockey race last week they endured the same heavy pressures. This is how it was with the redhead and the swinger</i>

April 06, 1970 | Whitney Tower
My Dad George is the best in Florida, Terlago is the class of California and they move on to that race in Kentucky. Back at the barn, Silent Screen nurses his wounds, but don't count him out yet

April 06, 1970 | Alfred Wright
All week, around the barns at Santa Anita, the horsemen had been putting down the 3-year-olds. "He may not be too much." a trainer would say of some poor Derby entry who was trying to act...

April 06, 1970 | William F. Reed
Indiana had no trouble winning the NCAA swimming title, but Mark Spitz lost two events and jumped the gun in a third before he reestablished himself by beating his old nemesis, Doug Russell

April 06, 1970 | Frank Deford
<i>Professional basketball makes heavy demands on its followers who want to keep abreast of things. As the two leagues continued to battle and players shifted around, the most confused...

April 06, 1970 | Frank Deford
[Diamond] NBA franchise cities[Square] ABA franchise cities[Black and White Hyphens] Rick Barry's campaign trail[Black Hyphens and dots] The route of Zelmo Beaty[dots] The route of the rights to...

April 06, 1970 | Herman Weiskopf
<b>Rip tennis balls asunder! Become a new breed of wildcat! So promises Joe Weider, who can lift 200 pounds with one hand and has replaced Charles Atlas as the No. 1 bodybuilder</b>

April 06, 1970 | J. Richard Munro
We are quite proud that the majority of our editors worked their way up from lower positions on the staff, but this progression has not been a matter of rigid policy. When we spot a man on some...

April 06, 1970 | Dan Jenkins
Until Bobby Jones came along, the amateur in golf was most often thought of as a gentleman of utter leisure who had as many hyphens and apostrophes in his name as he had lisps in his speech and...

April 06, 1970
If, as Alexander Woollcott once wrote, the world's two oldest professions have been ruined by amateurs, it is equally true that golf owes its nonprofessionals a great debt. And no institution of...

April 06, 1970 | Curry Kirkpatrick
John Bohmann sat in the dining room of the Chaparral Country Club on the outskirts of Seguin, Texas with a Sunday-night-special fish fry spread out neglected before him. His wife, his...

April 06, 1970 | Gilbert Cant
A U.S. birdman finds parenthood at Peter Scott's famed Wildfowl Trust

April 06, 1970 | Walter Bingham
<b>In the continuing battle between the USLTA and the contract pros the score stands at deuce and no one seems to know who is serving</b>

April 06, 1970 | Peter Carry
As a New Yorker I am ecstatic. As a baseball person I am immensely pleased. As a Yankee I consider suicide the easy option.

April 06, 1970 | Herman Weiskopf
Larry Owings dropped 31 pounds in order to meet Dan Gable in the NCAA championships—and handed him his first loss in 182 matches

April 06, 1970 | Hal Hiedon
Anyone who has gone through life feeling unloved should try running the Boston Marathon at least once, says the author, who has competed in eight of the races, having run out of excuses not to

April 06, 1970
BASKETBALL—NBA: In an exciting two-overtime game with Baltimore, New York started its best-of-seven playoff series with a 120-117 victory. Willis Reed, who played 54 of 58 minutes for the Knicks,...

April 06, 1970
4—Glenn Palmer-Smith18—Tony Tomsic19, 20—Eric Schweikardt21—Tony Tomsic23—Tony Triolo, Jerry Cooke24—Tony Triolo26, 27—Heinz Kluetmeier28—map by John Huehnergarth30—AP34-41—Wil Blanche44—UPI49—top...

April 06, 1970
Jim Daniels, a senior at Leo High School on Chicago's South Side, ran the 60-yard dash in 6.2 in two consecutive meets three days apart. In the second meet, the Chicago Catholic League. Indoor...

April 06, 1970
MECHANICAL INTRUDER (CONT.)Sirs:Thank you for your excellent article on snowmobiling (Bad Show Out in the Cold Snow, March 16) and for suggesting various restrictions on the use of snowmobiles. I...