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April 27, 1970 | Volume 32, Issue 17

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Lew Alcindor Cover - Sports Illustrated April 27, 1970

April 27, 1970 | Frank Deford
<i>By himself, Lew Alcindor could not stop New York's surge into the final round in pursuit of its first NBA championship</i>

April 27, 1970 | Pat Putnam
The world title was at stake when Ruben Olivares beat Chucho Castillo, but as far as the bantamweights and their compatriots were concerned the fight decided who was the best little man in Mexico

April 27, 1970 | Mark Mulvoy
Bobby Orr of the Bruins left the Rangers in ruins with Stanley Cup play so overwhelming that he resembled a one-man team

April 27, 1970 | Walter Bingham
Throwing garbage, waving signs and spilling onto the field, a new gang of rowdies gets into the sports act—while players and officials wonder whatever became of good old peanuts and Crackerjack

April 27, 1970 | Whitney Tower
<i>The 96th Kentucky Derby shapes up as one of the most frenzied ever, as a huge field of equally matched and far from distinguished colts gets set to stampede for the roses</i>

April 27, 1970
The hockey war between Boston and Chicago pits Bobby against Bobby—Orr vs. Hull—in a clash of superstars for the East's Stanley Cup title. Gary Ronberg tells the story.

April 27, 1970 | Hal Higdon
<b>Everyone laughs when a walking race starts, but to the contestants it's a serious business in which the threat of disqualification looms larger than it does in any other sport</b>

April 27, 1970 | John Skow
<b>The path across the alps runs along the edge of danger, through avalanches and exhaustion—a good part of it to defiant cries of 'Healthy are we!'</b>

April 27, 1970 | J. Richard Munro
SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S editorial offices, more or less predictably, are rife with running nuts, ranging from such Johnny-run-lately joggers as Tex Maule to dedicated distance men like Andy Crichton....

April 27, 1970
Jazz Pianist Ramsey Lewis was advised by his astrologer not to attend the Cubs' home opener, but Lewis decided to go anyway. So on the way to Wrigley Field he was involved in an automobile...

April 27, 1970 | Wilfrid Sheed
Golf is inherently dull," said Frank Chirkinian, the lucky Armenian of golf television, as he went out the door. So I expected his work for CBS on the Masters last week to be a riot of split...

April 27, 1970 | Peter Carry
The wild enthusiasm that sustained the Braves in the 1950s is long gone, but the city that lost and regained big-league ball seems to have in 1970 a more mature affection for its newly arrived Brewers

April 27, 1970 | Harold Peterson

April 27, 1970 | Jack Nicklaus
Standing on a tee during a recent tournament in Florida, I began to laugh when I overheard a spectator comment on one of my playing partners as he prepared to hit his drive. "Why," he said, "you'd...

April 27, 1970 | Joe Jares
And up with true-blue professional collegiate wrestling! It was a great idea, but the people stayed away in droves in Allentown, Pa. last week

April 27, 1970 | Virginia Kraft
Imported from Asia by Texans, black buck antelope have flourished here. Now 10 have gone back to help restore the Pakistani herd

April 27, 1970 | Jerry Kirshenbaum
<i>Craig Breedlove is the undisputed champion of a sport that has all but ceased to exist: pursuit of the absolute land-speed record. Down on his luck but far from despair, he is knocking on...

April 27, 1970
BASKETBALL—NBA: The Lakers were on one of those streaks that champions are made of. Atlanta, the Western Division's regular-season winner, could only battle for survival after Wilt & Company...

April 27, 1970
Bruce Katt, a 19-year-old sophomore southpaw, struck out 19 batters—a Southwest Conference record—in his debut for Texas A&M as the Aggies beat SMU 11-0. Katt's father, Ray, was a major league...

April 27, 1970
4—John D. Hanlon13-15—Walter Iooss Jr.16—Leviton-Atlanta18, 19—Sheedy & Long21—Dick Raphael22, 23—UPI24, 25—Jerry Cooke (7), Tony Triolo (2), Santa Anita Track Photo32, 34—illustrations by...

April 27, 1970
RUG-GED WORLDSirs:I enjoyed your excellent preview of the forthcoming baseball season in the April 13 issue. However, the caption on the cover is incorrect. Instead of reading "The Mets Against...

April 27, 1970 | Edited by Martin Kane

April 27, 1970 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Bill Veeck, president of New England's Suffolk Downs racetrack, on his ill-fated attempt to admit minors to the track: "Don't get me wrong. I don't want school kids skipping school and bringing...

April 27, 1970 | R. S. Hewlett
Of all the scholarly sciences none holds a closer kinship to sport than the study of archaeology. This was true even when archaeological research was restricted to land-based digs, for the...

April 27, 1970 | Tom Edwards
<b>Back when a lost ball meant the profit on three admissions, it took real skill to grab a foul hit into the grandstand</b>