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May 04, 1970 | Volume 32, Issue 18

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Bobby Orr Cover - Sports Illustrated May 04, 1970

May 04, 1970 | Edited by Martin Kane

May 04, 1970 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Harry Sinden, Boston Bruins coach, asked what would happen if the Ring-ling Bros. circus took over Boston Garden May 12, possible final date of the Stanley Cup playoffs: "I guess I'd dress one of...

May 04, 1970 | Gary Ronberg
So peaceable were the Chicago Black Hawks in their Stanley Cup encounter with Master Orr and his men that Boston gobbled them up—and even the Bruins got gold stars, sort of, for good behavior

May 04, 1970 | Hugh D. Whall
The most provocative new America's Cup boats for this year's racing were launched last week an ocean apart, and with them a tide of speculation that may not be resolved until September and the...

May 04, 1970 | Joe Jares
Volleyball was invented in 1895, but not until last week did the first college championship take place. UCLA, behind the 115 mph spikes of Kirk Kilgour, won the title, walloping Cal State Long Beach

May 04, 1970 | Pat Ryan
<i>In Fairbanks on April 22 Secretary Walter Hickel called for a shift in man's thinking from military defense toward the environment</i>

May 04, 1970
The Derby report by Whitney Tower brings all the color of the annual festival as well as an insider's analysis of why a certain 3-year-old colt was ready to run on May 2.

May 04, 1970
That dwindling species, the nostalgic road-racing enthusiast, has few havens these days from the agents of progress, but for the time being, at least, he can depend on Grace and Rainier to...

May 04, 1970 | Gwilym S. Brown
<b>Yes, Virginia, there is a Bill Cox. He is alive and well in London, dreaming up all-world soccer teams, issues of postage stamps and a hall of fame in Nicaragua. Nicaragua?</b>

May 04, 1970 | Gwilym S. Brown
Selections of "all-everything" teams is nothing new, nor is the issuance of commemorative stamps, nor the establishment of sport halls of fame. But with characteristic enterprise and imagination,...

May 04, 1970 | Harold Peterson
Chicago's hitters again were having a hot spring and it seemed like last year all over again—except for the amiable Leo, who with his team in first place was bubbling over with the milk of human...

May 04, 1970

May 04, 1970 | Pat Putnam
They are Curtis and Marvin Mills, who swung down the lane at Des Moines to help Texas A&M set records in the 880- and 440-yard relays

May 04, 1970 | J. Richard Munro
Annually SPORTS ILLUSTRATED receives thousands of requests for money to back this or that sporting endeavor. For the most part we decline such invitations, since our business is reporting sports,...

May 04, 1970 | Whitney Tower
It seems we were wrong indeed if we I really expected that last week's two most important races would clarify this week's Kentucky Derby. They mostly succeeded in adding more mud to the muddle. At...

May 04, 1970 | Peter Carry
After decades of dominion over the sport through turning out the best schoolboy players, the state has lost its grip on the old Indian game, as a massive Long Island program produces a wealth of...

May 04, 1970 | John Underwood
Great truths about this country cannot be deduced from one man's observations of sport and life in Lewistown, Mont., Barre, Vt., Hastings, Neb. or Valdosta, Ga. But, as winter turns to spring and...

May 04, 1970 | Marshall Lumsden
Some men can endure almost anything—crabgrass, an inconstant spouse, a life of quiet desperation—but the fact that they will never be really good tennis players is unthinkable and lies in their...

May 04, 1970
Larry Ryan, a senior at Haverford School in Philadelphia, struck out 40 batters in his first 18 innings this season, including a 28-strikeout, 12-inning effort against William Perm Charter that...

May 04, 1970
6—Leslie H. Buckland19—Neil Leifer, Heinz Kluetmeier20—Heinz Kluetmeier22, 23—Eric Schweikardt except top right, UPI25—Sheedy & Long26—Joe Rychetnik38, 39—Gerry Graham40, 41—AP, UPI...

May 04, 1970
BASKETBALL—NBA: There were just about two minutes remaining in the third period and already the young giant sat on the bench, his team hopelessly trailing in its final bid for the NBA Eastern...

May 04, 1970
FOREIGN FOOTBALLSirs:All honors to Tex Maule for one of the best articles on British football written by an American (Chelsea Almost Won the Cup, April 20). However, judging by the facts that...