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May 25, 1970 | Volume 32, Issue 21

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Hank Aaron Cover - Sports Illustrated May 25, 1970

May 25, 1970
BASKETBALL—NBA: The expansion draft produced a few surprises, perhaps the biggest being the availability of Los Angeles Laker Guard Dick Garrett, who was quickly grabbed by the Buffalo Braves on...

May 25, 1970
Cover—center, Leviton-Atlanta; others, AP, UPI (3), FPG (2)26, 27—Jerry Cooke29—James Drake30-35—Herb Scharfman36-38—illustrations by David Noyes51-62—Eric Schweikardt69—UPI, Frank Russo-New York...

May 25, 1970
Dick Pope Jr. of Cypress Gardens, won the Florida State Skeet Shoot championship in the 12-gauge, hitting 75 straight in a shoot-off with five other perfect shooters out of a field of 137. Pope...

May 25, 1970
PEACE PENTATHLONSirs:Wow! That article, The World's First Peace Pentathlon (May 11), has got to be the most revolutionary you've written. I mean it changes SI's whole outlook on sport and...

May 25, 1970 | Edited by Robert Creamer

May 25, 1970 | Edited by Robert Creamer
•Richie Allen, St. Louis Cardinal slugger and horseman, on artificial playing surfaces: "If a horse can't eat it, then I don't like it."

May 25, 1970 | Skip Myslenski
Marty Liquori defeated Kip Keino for the first time in the Martin Luther King Games, avenging the humiliating loss he suffered last winter, but sweet it wasn't as the Kenyan gave up in the stretch

May 25, 1970 | Whitney Tower
The colt that Hirsch Jacobs said was his best a few days before he died finally won a Triple Crown event for the family stable, and even the losers at Pimlico could feel pretty good about that

May 25, 1970 | Robert F. Jones
It took a brave throat to swallow her fiery cooking and a braver foot to duel with her son Al as he raced to the 500 pole

May 25, 1970 | William Leggett
<i>A single up the middle brought the Atlanta Braves' Henry Aaron his 3,000th hit and a mile-high milestone in a fabulous hitting career that after 16 years does not show the least sign of...

May 25, 1970 | Frank Beard
<i>The author—on his way to leading pro golf's money list for 1969—finds himself standing in a fairway praying for a victory. But after he has won he discovers that fame on the tour has some...

May 25, 1970 | Frank Beard
In a rousing assessment of his fellow pros, Beard tells how the best "burn and burn," while some others have foibles and fun.

May 25, 1970
The mets and cubs fight for first again amid speculation that New York may already have the best pitching staff ever. A jury of famed baseball names examines the claim.

May 25, 1970
It is a common lament that there are few out-of-the-way pleasure pockets left on or, indeed, above the map, but a growing number of sports-minded Americans are flying in the face of the evidence....

May 25, 1970 | Jerry Kirshenbaum
The people who fly just for the fun of it thrill to many pleasant vistas, none any more uplifting than the sight of bumper-to-bumper traffic clogging the highways far below or the lengthy queues...

May 25, 1970
When Prince Hiro of Japan visited the U.S. pavilion at Expo '70 Howard Chernoff, USIA commissioner general, greeted him, saying, "Your Highness, I suppose you would like to see the moon rock?"...

May 25, 1970

May 25, 1970 | Roy Blount Jr.
Better than Bob Feller, Bob Lemon, Mike Garcia and Early Wynn of the Indians. Better than Allie Reynolds, Whitey Ford and Vic Raschi of the Yankees. Better than Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale and...

May 25, 1970 | William F. Reed
Although long devoted to trotting, Max Hochberg was fortunate when his mighty Torpid came along. After a decade he's in the money again

May 25, 1970 | Peter Carry
Tradition, staunchly underpinned by the spirit and architecture set down 145 years ago by Thomas Jefferson and thickly padded with a peculiar Jeffersonian nomenclature, weighs heavily at the...

May 25, 1970 | Mark Kram
Marcel Cerdan's American debut proved that he has his father's heart but not his skills or punch

May 25, 1970 | Pat Ryan
The salmon has long lured millionaire sportsmen to Canada's Restigouche. They came first by houseboat 80 years ago and later built stately lodges. Today anglers instinctively return—but the fish...

May 25, 1970 | Charles Einstein
It is pretty obvious, even to one of his closest aides, that John Lindsay owes his reelection as mayor of New York last November to the fact that the Mets won the World Series a month earlier. The...

May 25, 1970 | Frank Graham Jr.
There was no doubt whatever that the population of wild waterfowl in North America was on the decline toward the end of the last century. The only question was: what was causing it? George Bird...