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June 08, 1970 | Volume 32, Issue 23

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Al Unser Cover - Sports Illustrated June 08, 1970

June 08, 1970 | Charles H. Goren
A favorite bull-session game at bridge tournaments consists of picking specialists who might be drafted (if such substitution were permitted) to rush in as team replacements at crucial moments....

June 08, 1970 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle

June 08, 1970 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
•Wilt Chamberlain, Los Angeles Laker star, said to be paid $250,000 a year, on the recent economic news: "What I made in 10 years of playing basketball, I lost in 10 days on the stock market."

June 08, 1970 | William Johnson
<i>Stocks, attendance and spirits were higher as summer started; maybe it won't last—but what a weekend!</i>

June 08, 1970 | Roy Blount Jr.
Never a big-league player, California's paunchy manager, Lefty Phillips, looks like a misfit but his surprising team doesn't

June 08, 1970
The U.S. Open moves to dogleg country in Minnesota and a site that will cause some barking. Jack Nicklaus analyzes the troublesome course; Dan Jenkins wins some fictional bets.

June 08, 1970 | Robert F. Jones
<i>In command from the start, Al Unser followed up his sibling Bobby's 1968 Indy victory with another for the Albuquerque family as ill luck befell A.J. Foyt, Lloyd Ruby and Mario Andretti</i>

June 08, 1970 | Carleton Mitchell
<b><i>An American yachtsman explores the eerie Galápagos Archipelago, where he finds the birds and beasts of Darwin's age—and echoes of bizarre human tragedies</i></b>

June 08, 1970 | J. Richard Munro
Two famed competitors, each now retired from the fray, are speaking in SI this week. Bill Russell's story, which begins on page 80, reports the conclusions he has drawn about life and sport after...

June 08, 1970 | Herman Weiskopf
—and it is a name that has suffered much abuse. During the early years Nissen did all he could to embed his trademark in the public mind. Recalls Nissen: "People asked, 'How's the bouncing rig?'...

June 08, 1970
"He loves the game and has a peculiar interest in statistics," says Owner Bob Short of the new man in the Senators' front office. The characteristics sound like those of any baseball nut, but...

June 08, 1970 | Harold Peterson
R. Jackson, Oakland (bats left, throws left), is a utility man hitting .199. By coincidence, there was an R. Jackson who rapped out 47 home runs for Oakland last year. Reggie Jackson also had...

June 08, 1970

June 08, 1970 | Charles Goren
When bridge experts speak of the tyranny of the spade suit they are referring to the advantage in the bidding enjoyed by the side that holds the highest-ranking suit. Except for hands in which the...

June 08, 1970 | Whitney Tower
After the Jersey Derby turned out to be practically a rerun of the Preakness, the field for the Belmont started to shrink considerably

June 08, 1970 | Virginia Kraft
A French-Canadian guide has made it possible for spin fishermen to cast flies. Weight of wire wrapped on hook shaft (above) permits casts—inartistic, perhaps, but quite effective

June 08, 1970 | Dan Jenkins
A succession of high finishes, including two tour victories this year, has thrust the 1968 U.S. Open champion into the game's top rank

June 08, 1970 | Alice Higgins
That horse needs a cage instead of a stall," said David Spector when he still owned a talented jumper named The Deputy. The chestnut gelding's nonlovable disposition was one of the reasons Spector...

June 08, 1970 | William F. Russell
<i>Since his retirement from basketball last summer, Bill Russell has lectured at more than 60 colleges and universities around the country, considered and turned down a number of offers to...

June 08, 1970
BOATING—Huey Long's ONDINE look advantage of her new fore triangle rig to take the Storm Trysail Club's 25th annual race around Block Island—with most of the 173 starters still struggling in the...

June 08, 1970
4—painting by Ted Lodigensky23—Dick Raphael, Herb Scharfman, Fred Kaplan-Black Star24—Roy DeCarava25—Carl Iwasaki26—Lee Balterman28—Sheedy & Long30—Neil Leifer32—UPI36-42—Carleton...

June 08, 1970
John Kamrar, 18, pitcher for Bellingham (Wash.) High, struck out 33 batters in two appearances during a 16-inning game that spanned two days, ending with a 2-1 victory over Sehome. In one...

June 08, 1970
HAMMERSirs:I would like to thank a great magazine for a great article about a great baseball player, Henry Aaron (Henry Raps One for History, May 25). All knowledgeable baseball fans are aware of...

June 08, 1970 | J. A. Maxtone Graham
By trade, Dermot Wilson was an adman; but all during the English trout season, while seated behind his desk at J. Walter Thompson's London office, he yearned to be out beside one of the classic...

June 08, 1970 | Sandy Treadwell
The first oil burner at Indy wasn't supposed to win, and it didn't. But it set a unique record for endurance