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June 22, 1970 | Volume 32, Issue 25

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Tony Conigliaro Cover - Sports Illustrated June 22, 1970

June 22, 1970 | Tex Maule
<i>Always a sport that incites extravagant response, it provoked an entire nation to a vast emotional spree at the World Cup competition in Mexico as the home team enjoyed some early...

June 22, 1970 | Hugh D. Whall
Olin Stephens' Valiant sailed out ahead as three tall native contenders opened America's Cup hostilities

June 22, 1970 | Peter Carry
<i>The new New York Yankees are small and, in a Met-dominated land, anonymous, but are they feisty and do they have visions! They even are talking championship again</i>

June 22, 1970
Vest-pocket fishermen are the latest boating rage in Southern waters—unsinkable craft with center-console steering and outboard power which can hug the bonefish flats or go offshore into tuna and...

June 22, 1970
Horrendous Hazeltine, the "blindman's buff" course in Minnesota, challenges the world's best golfers in the U.S. Open. Dan Jenkins covers the action, from tee to green.

June 22, 1970 | Curry Kirkpatrick
<b>How a simple, unspoiled former Army sergeant won the U.S. Open and became a simple, unspoiled—but bona fide—star of the pro golf tour</b>

June 22, 1970
The husband-and-wife comedy team of Mimi Hines and Phil Ford (formerly of Funny Girt) travels in a minibus. Phil, a golfer, likes it because he can park at a golf course and tee off in the morning...

June 22, 1970

June 22, 1970 | Roy Blount Jr.
For a while there, the forces of repression in baseball were perking right along. For instance, Commissioner Bowie Kuhn had called Author-Reliever Jim Bouton on the carpet for writing a book that...

June 22, 1970 | Anita Verschoth
Last week Chi Cheng broke world records in the 100 and 220. Next for the tall Taiwanese: the 440

June 22, 1970 | Hugh D. Whall
Penn's varsity eight was heavily favored to win the collegiate championship on Onondaga Lake, but up swept the resolute Huskies of Washington, point-scorers at the barbershop and on the muscle machine

June 22, 1970 | William F. Reed
Though not himself eligible for The Hambletonian, Marlu Pride took the measure of a flock of early contenders by winning the Dexter Cup

June 22, 1970 | Tony Conigliaro
<i>On a night in Boston a pitched ball blinded—and nearly killed—Red Sox Outfielder Tony Conigliaro. Here begins the story of his early terror and his struggle toward recovery</i>

June 22, 1970 | Tony Conigliaro
Completing his story, the author tells how his hopes were raised and then crushed, and how, almost miraculously, his vision returned.

June 22, 1970
BOATING—Veteran racer BILL MUNCEY, 41, won his fourth President's Cup on the Potomac River, collecting 1,100 points in his classic-design unlimited hydroplane MYR'S SHEET METAL. Bill Schumacher...

June 22, 1970
Steve Danosi, 16, of Southfield, Mich., won the foil title at the state fencing championships, beating Bruce Davis, twice NCAA champion, and two-time All-America Richard Milazzo. He then won his...

June 22, 1970
12, 13—Gerry Cranham14, 15—Gerry Cranham, Jerry Cooke (2), Neil Leifer16—Gerry Cranham20-25—Herb Schartman38—right, UPI48—Sheedy & Long54—Eric Schweikardt56—courtesy Roosevelt Raceway61—lower...

June 22, 1970
NO PLAIN BILLSirs:In tune with the times of the country, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED allows Bill Russell to speak his mind (Success Is a Journey, June 8). And Bill Russell does a lot of speaking out:...

June 22, 1970 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle

June 22, 1970 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
•Adolph Rupp, University of Kentucky basketball coach, on the shooting ability of Lou Dampier, former UK player now with the Kentucky Colonels in the ABA: "God taught Louis how to shoot, and I...

June 22, 1970 | Jack Whitaker
For some the game of golf is a whole lifestyle, for others a respite, for most a tortured avocation, but Bobby Jones' marvelous phrase, which SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S Dan Jenkins has chosen for the...

June 22, 1970 | John Cottrell
He was ugly and misshapen and mean, with a mouth like a parrot's, feet like flatirons, and no reputation at all. But he was Irish and he somehow won England's top race, the Grand National