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July 06, 1970 | Volume 33, Issue 1

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George Frenn Cover - Sports Illustrated July 06, 1970

July 06, 1970 | Pat Putnam
The name has served as an alias for thousands, but last weekend a real John Smith checked in, the UCLA sophomore nipping Lee Evans in the 440 (left) in an AAU championship notable for surprises

July 06, 1970 | Claud Cockburn
Training horses is a successful family affair for Vincent O'Brien and it helps to have a horse like Charles Engelhard's Nijinsky, victor at Epsom, who made the Irish Derby his ninth straight win

July 06, 1970 | William F. Reed
The stubborn Texans of Lubbock dug out from under the rubble left by a catastrophic storm and produced the kind of All-America football game the coaches always hoped for but never before could achieve

July 06, 1970 | Walter Bingham
<i>First they were the Dallas Aces, then the U.S. Aces, and now the world is theirs after they easily beat the best bridge teams from three continents. It was America's first victory in 16...

July 06, 1970 | Coles Phinizy
<b>Aragonite worth billions is being mined in the Bahamas. Sometimes on a clear day you can't see the bottom</b>

July 06, 1970
In the old days of baseball, Ossee Schreckengost stuffed his catcher's mitt with feathers to muffle the legendary fast ball of Rube Waddell, and that great ballhawk of more than a century ago,...

July 06, 1970
The reds are coming! The hottest team in baseball, Cincinnati is rolling over the league like some dread machine. In color and text, a report on Bench, Perez & Co.

July 06, 1970
"The other guides have a feeling about Mt. Rainier that is sort of a religion," says Joe Kennedy III, "and I'm getting the feeling too." Joe (left), with Phursumba Sherpa of Nepal, has signed on...

July 06, 1970 | Mark Mulvoy
The Expos knew they were getting a good ballplayer when they traded for Rusty Staub, but not in their happiest dreams could they have imagined what a valuable ambassador of goodwill they had in...

July 06, 1970 | Roy Blount Jr.

July 06, 1970 | J. Richard Munro
Back in 1939 17-year-old Mark Kauffman was seated at a high school press conference in Los Angeles not six feet away from Eleanor Roosevelt. Already a passionate photographer, he snapped a...

July 06, 1970 | Clive Gammon
With too much overkill and underthink, man—the tiger's only enemy—has put this glamorous beast on the list of severely threatened animals

July 06, 1970 | Whitney Tower
Off-track betting may be poison here, but it works in Puerto Rico

July 06, 1970 | Bil Gilbert
<i>And rarely is heard a discouraging word as hundreds of trailer owners band into caravans, heed the creed of the Way of Life Division, park in circles like wagon trains and brave foreign...

July 06, 1970
BOXING—European heavyweight champion URTAIN outpointed Germany's Jurgen Blin in a 15-round bout in Barcelona—the first time in 31 fights that the Spaniard failed to knock out his opponent.

July 06, 1970
Ed Manning, of Camden County (N.J.) Community College, was undefeated for the season as he led his team to the state tennis championship. He was 14-0 in singles and teamed with Gary Stephenson to...

July 06, 1970
4—Henry Groskinsky10, 11—Rich Clarkson12—Rich Clarkson (2), Sheedy & Long15—Alan Clifton16, 17—Carl Iwasaki18-21—Wil Blanche22—map by William Bernstein23—Coles Phinizy36—Bob Miller-Seattle...

July 06, 1970
SERGEANT AT ARMSSirs:As a result of winning the U.S. Open golf championship in 1969, Orville Moody (The Nontransmogrification of Orville Moody, June 22) by necessity became a favorite of many of...

July 06, 1970 | Edited by Robert Creamer

July 06, 1970 | Edited by Robert Creamer
•Jack Eskridge, Dallas Cowboy equipment manager, on the change to jerseys with players' names above their numbers: "We're double-stitching the veterans' jerseys and single-stitching the rookies'."

July 06, 1970 | Wilfrid Sheed
American indifference to soccer is a legend by now. Our own networks consider it an immutable fact of nature, and not one of them bothered to bid for the World Cup, an event which had half of...

July 06, 1970 | Robert Cantwell
Arthur Webb's The Clean Sweep (Regnery, $4.95) is a remarkable story of a business with a split personality. Perhaps all corporations are slightly schizoid—their public identity contrasting with a...

July 06, 1970 | Dolly Connelly
<b>During the Depression summer jobs—if available—paid little, but this one had other compensations</b>