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August 17, 1970 | Volume 33, Issue 7

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Joe Namath Cover - Sports Illustrated August 17, 1970

August 17, 1970 | Edited by Robert Creamer

August 17, 1970 | Edited by Robert Creamer
•Floyd Little, Denver Broncos bow-legged running back, after a visit to Wyoming: "I like the folks up there: they all walk just like I do."

August 17, 1970 | William Johnson
<i>On the eve of decisive America's Cup trials, foreign and domestic, the grandeur of the sea and charisma of Newport intermingle with the contenders' stark concern over huge investments. Big...

August 17, 1970 | Robert F. Jones
A gathering of young and old gaffers searched the seas off Hawaii for the wife of the world's biggest marlin. She got away, naturally, but the fishermen hooked a record catch along the way

August 17, 1970
Blossoming into a giant flower, 18 intrepid skydivers locked hands in a great circle over the San Francisco Bay Area this summer and claimed a world record for formation jumping. The divers, who...

August 17, 1970
These are the shoes of Joe Namath, which are nice to be in if you are making Westerns in Rome with groovy little chicks (see cover), but not so nice if you are playing football against large,...

August 17, 1970
The toughest field in golf contends next week for the game's fourth major crown, the PGA Championship, at Tulsa's Southern Hills course. Dan Jenkins will cover the action.

August 17, 1970 | Pat Jordan
<i>Pitching is just another diverting challenge to Sudden Sam McDowell, who marches not only to his own drummer, but to a different one every day</i>

August 17, 1970 | J. Richard Munro
Sports stars in motion pictures have been a U.S. cultural phenomenon since Gentleman Jim Corbett stepped in front of a hand-cranked camera in 1919 to make a silent film serial titled The Midnight...

August 17, 1970 | Edwin Shrake
A holy lake of the Pueblos has become a symbol of America, maybe doing right—or once again doing wrong—by her Indians

August 17, 1970 | Edwin Shrake
Those opposed to deeding Blue Lake outright to the Indians argue with fervor that the Pueblos never held legal title to the area, hence this is not a matter of "returning" 48,000 acres. Since the...

August 17, 1970
Connie Robinson was safe at third because Brooks let her on so that he would be safe at home. And that is pretty much the way it went in the Orioles' game against their wives. First, the regular...

August 17, 1970 | Peter Carry
Rafael Trujillo, the former strongman in the Dominican Republic, at one time would not allow Felipe Alou to leave the country and sign a professional contract with the Giants. Not unlike another...

August 17, 1970

August 17, 1970 | Mark Mulvoy
Even the booming drives of Irishwoman Mary McKenna couldn't get the Curtis Cup away from the Yanks

August 17, 1970 | Martin Kane
Every aspiring heavyweight's ideal opponent, George Chuvalo, is aging at 32, enduring under punishment and just about washed up as a prizefighter. It took Joe Frazier a mere four rounds to stop...

August 17, 1970 | Jerry Kirshenbaum
<i>The voice of Tarzan is still heard in the land, but there are days when Johnny Weissmuller prefers a quiet drink to yodeling at elephants</i>

August 17, 1970
ARCHERY—JOE THORNTON, 53, of Tahlequah, Okla., the 1961 world champion, set an American round competition record on the final day to win the men's title at the National Archery Championship at...

August 17, 1970
Cover—released by Spangler Productions, Inc.4—Culver Pictures20—Richard Meek (3), Eric Schweikardt22, 23—Sheedy & Long24—Charles Okamura-Honolulu Advertiser37, 40—Tony Tomsic42—Heinz...

August 17, 1970
Randy Coleman, 15, of Jackson, Mich., who had never wrestled in an official contest, weighed in at 170—then went on to pin all three of his opponents and capture the 180-pound junior high title at...

August 17, 1970
RAINDROPS ON HIS HEADSirs:I was under the impression that Don't Drink the Water was the title of a play, but after reading your Aug. 3 article on the U.S.U.S.S.R. track meet I suspect that this...

August 17, 1970
[The following text appears on the cover.]

August 17, 1970 | David Fisher
By 1945 almost anything seemed possible in this great country—anything, that is, but a black man playing major league baseball. The color restriction had been in effect in organized baseball...

August 17, 1970 | Charles R. Eisendrath
Alex Pearson is an aggressively gentle old Dubliner who lives in London and dreams about kites. He also makes kites—the best there are—and orders for them pour in from all over the world to Alex'...

August 17, 1970 | Charles Gillespie
Not right field, mind you—we weren't even in the ball park but just outside of it—and the game was not so much baseball as a weird kind of midsummer night torture test