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October 12, 1970 | Volume 33, Issue 15

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Alex Karas Cover - Sports Illustrated October 12, 1970

October 12, 1970
BOATING—The water was hardly still after Intrepid's stormy America's Cup defense against Australia's Gretel II when the U.S. received its first challenge for the 1973 race from another Aussie...

October 12, 1970
18—UPI19—AP22—Walter Iooss Jr.31—Herb Scharfman50, 51—Russ Reed-Oakland Tribune59—DPA Bild, Scoop60—Carl Iwasaki70—Sheedy & Long88—H. Lane Stewart, Tony Triolo89—Roy DeCarava, Jim Annan90—Wil...

October 12, 1970
Joseph Casucci, a sophomore center-forward who is a native of Rome, Italy but now lives in Ontario, set two Niagara University soccer records by scoring four goals and also being credited with six...

October 12, 1970
SOCIOLOGY AT SYRACUSESirs:We must commend Pat Putnam's objectiveness in his outline of the alleged racism on the Syracuse University football team (End of a Season at Syracuse, Sept. 28). However,...

October 12, 1970 | Edited by Robert Creamer

October 12, 1970 | Edited by Robert Creamer
•Lionel Aldridge, Green Bay's 6'4", 245-pound end: "I'm not big enough any more. The game's outgrown me."

October 12, 1970 | William F. Reed
The only thing soft and sweet about Mississippi's Archie Manning was his fiancée as the Rebels defeated Alabama to avenge last year's loss

October 12, 1970 | Whitney Tower
By just that margin—and because he took the short way home—France's Sassafras deposed Nijinsky, the reigning thoroughbred of Europe, in the most demanding event that horse racing has to offer

October 12, 1970 | Robert H. Boyle
Like all of us, they prefer to win their bets but, unlike most of us, they have figured out a surefire (illegal) system

October 12, 1970 | George Plimpton
<i>Mr. T., children, is Alex Karras. He weighs 245 pounds. He runs like a mad duck. His friends are 39 Lions. Hear them roar</i>

October 12, 1970
The series begins, and this just could be an American League year. William Leggett reports, and photographers cover in color the annual showdown between baseball's best.

October 12, 1970 | Roy Blount Jr.
<b>Baltimore's Big Three pitching staff was as successful as ever. Without dazzling anyone, it merely engineered a sweep over the Minnesota Twins. So now bring on the Reds</b>

October 12, 1970 | Jackie Stewart
<i>A famous world driving champion discusses the classic curves where men face both the ultimate danger and the supreme excitement of their sport. He also tells how he did his best to win last...

October 12, 1970 | Blaine Newnham
<b>This is how Chip Oliver exhorted his fellow Raiders. No one listened. Now a hippie, Oliver cares more about the "esthetic soul"</b>

October 12, 1970
Sturdy Sport Fan of the New Season Is...

October 12, 1970 | Pat Putnam
The Air Force Academy has twice been obliged to de-emphasize its team, but its array of quick, smart players like Ernie Jennings (right) wins anyway

October 12, 1970 | Sandy Treadwell

October 12, 1970 | Sandy Treadwell
THE BACK: Senior Wingback Henry Hawthorne gained 129 yards in nine carries and caught four passes for 96 yards, one providing the winning touchdown as Kansas State defeated Penn State's...

October 12, 1970 | Alfred Wright
Everybody who visits John Gardiner's Tennis Ranch has a ball—a few thousand of them, in fact. The game is played from morning to night, but the routine is broken by a man with a super service,...

October 12, 1970 | Herman Weiskopf
The USDA (not USGA!) offers balm for the anguished duffer

October 12, 1970 | Charles Goren
A blistering hot September weekend melted the mettle of 11 bridge hot-shots and destroyed their hopes of being on the team that will join with the Dallas Aces to represent North America in the...

October 12, 1970 | Larry Evans
Heretofore the most solitary grand master of all time, Bobby Fischer turned up in the world chess Olympics as a spirited team player

October 12, 1970 | Gael Greene
<i> The lady hiding behind that Coke at left is our author, a renowned restaurant critic at whose approach headwaiters would tremble—if they only knew what she looked like. But the secret...

October 12, 1970 | Rubin Carson
Breathes there a true baseball addict who hasn't wondered why (no matter how early the dinner reservation is made) he can never get his wife to the ball park much before the postgame wrap-up? Or...

October 12, 1970 | Pat Jordan
Steve Dalkowski's pitches didn't rip through the air, they appeared under mystified Ted Williams' chin as if by magic