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November 23, 1970 | Volume 33, Issue 21

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George Blanda Cover - Sports Illustrated November 23, 1970

November 23, 1970
BASKETBALL—NBA: Espousing the philosophy that has made Milwaukee famous, Buck Coach Larry Costello said last week. "If I geared our offense around those two guys and the other three stood around,...

November 23, 1970
28, 29—Lynn Pelham—Rapho Guillumette31—Russ Reed—Oakland Tribune32—Carl Iwasaki35—Russ Reed—Oakland Tribune36, 37—Sheedy & Long48—Leviton-Atlanta49—James Kelmartin-Baltimore News American,...

November 23, 1970
Claude Darears of Quebec City, apparently undaunted by the lack of snow, captured three of five men's events in the Sebasticook Valley Snowmobile Club's New England State Championship Drag Races,...

November 23, 1970
NUMBER, PLEASESirs:Dan Jenkins' article, Two Gods Too Many (Nov. 9), was great writing of a tough story. Never has anyone walked the tightrope so eloquently.DICK RAABWorthington, Ohio

November 23, 1970 | Edited by Robert Creamer
OUT OF THE MOUTHSNear Chicago a grandmother took her 4-year-old grandson and 7-year-old granddaughter for a ride in her small car. The youngsters began squabbling over which would get to sit in...

November 23, 1970 | Edited by Robert Creamer
•Joe Schmidt, Detroit Lion coach, after the New Orleans Saints beat his team on Tom Dempsey's 63-yard field goal: "It's like winning the Masters with a 390-yard hole in one on the last hole."

November 23, 1970 | Whitney Tower
<i>When a couple of U.S. tracks featured international races—one old, one new—horses from the host country won both. The real winners, however, may be long-neglected devotees of the...

November 23, 1970 | Dan Jenkins
The Aussie team spread-eagled the World Cup field at Buenos Aires despite a borrowed putter and a bizarre itinerary

November 23, 1970
College basketball begins a new season. UCLA—who else?—is favored to win the NCAA championship again, but several teams, notably South Carolina, Jacksonville and Marquette, have a good shot at the...

November 23, 1970 | Tex Maule
<i>For the fourth time this season the world's oldest quarterback came off the bench to save Oakland from defeat, on this occasion with a 20-yard touchdown pass with 2:28 to go to beat Denver...

November 23, 1970 | Bil Gilbert
<i>Some call it sport and some call it butchery, but nobody is truly happy as Arizona's 'surplus' bison are shot in a fenced pasture</i>

November 23, 1970
Ice hockey enjoys referring to itself as the fastest of all spectator sports, but some of the best moments in hockey are those that occur when the game comes to a standstill. Here and on the...

November 23, 1970 | Alex Hawkins
<b>The author, now the color man for Atlanta Falcon broadcasts, hacked around at six positions during his 10 years in the NFL, but his real contributions were off the field, like baby-sitting...

November 23, 1970
And now, ladies and gentlemen, The Great Earl Monroe is going to whip the scarf off that table and reveal—a bowl of water! Zowie. At halftime during a Bullets-Philadelphia 76ers game, Monroe, who...

November 23, 1970 | William F. Reed
The year's top Big Red Machine belongs not to Cincinnati but to the Nebraska Cornhuskers, who flayed Kansas State and won another New Year's trip to Miami, which prompted Bob Devaney to claim No. 1

November 23, 1970 | Pat Putnam

November 23, 1970 | Pat Putnam
THE LINEMAN: Air Force's All-America-class receiver, Ernie Jennings, gathered in 13 passes for 174 yards and three touchdowns, which constituted the fattest part of the Falcons' 31-14 victory over...

November 23, 1970 | Jane Gross
A not so funny thing happened to Dave Romansky last Sunday morning in Glen Cove, N.Y., where he went to try to break the American record in the 50-kilometer walk. There wasn't a soul in sight....

November 23, 1970 | William Johnson
The Kidd has retired and the U.S. Alpine ski team now has a canny old coach who wants to win—but is too smart to make any promises

November 23, 1970 | George Plimpton
<b>Though millions saw Muhammad Ali return to the ring after years of exile, none had a closer view than this old friend. An eloquent diary of the day in Atlanta—and how it all added up to more...

November 23, 1970 | Don Anderson
Who among us has not been tempted from time to time to exploit a felicitous misunderstanding and take full credit for a piece of good work we did not accomplish? Or bask in the reflected glow of a...

November 23, 1970 | Frank Graham Jr.
They hung out on a stretch of sidewalk near Madison Square Garden, waiting for fighters to make them rich