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December 07, 1970 | Volume 33, Issue 23

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Roman Gabriel Cover - Sports Illustrated December 07, 1970

December 07, 1970
THE BUFFALO'S LAST STANDSirs:Bil Gilbert's article about Arizona's appalling buffalo massacre (The Great Buffalo Hunt? Shoot? Slaughter? Nov. 23) is the best (maybe I should say worst) story I've...

December 07, 1970 | Peter Carry
After a year in which everything turned sour, Jerry Lucas is again savoring the sweet taste of success. No longer obsessed by business ambitions, he has led the San Francisco Warriors into first place

December 07, 1970 | Mark Mulvoy
Still running hard in a race most experts thought would be won by now, Chicago last week was pressed by East and West

December 07, 1970 | Curry Kirkpatrick
For three days Lanny Wadkins and Steve Melnyk gave the touring pros lessons in the care and feeding of a hellish golf course. Then an old Master showed that patience counts for something

December 07, 1970 | Tex Maule
<i>The San Francisco 49ers thought they had it won, but the Los Angeles Rams, finding an offense to go with their defense, beat them to share the lead</i>

December 07, 1970
Horns and Hogs hook up in football's annual zoological zealotry between Texas (No. 1) and Arkansas (No. 4). Dan Jenkins and the color camera report the uncivil war

December 07, 1970 | Coles Phinizy
<b>And he sells adventure to anybody who will buy: swimmers, sailors, divers, skiers and—you want to go up in a real balloon, old buddy?</b>

December 07, 1970 | Robert H. Boyle
<b>Never mind Indy, the real drive is for a $150 million market in tiny cars, with a whole world of kids hanging on every high-speed turn</b>

December 07, 1970 | J. Richard Munro
Winners and losers are the stuff of which this magazine is made but, for the most part, the contests we write about take place on well-marked fields, tracks, courts, courses and rinks, and the...

December 07, 1970
Now It Can Be Told:

December 07, 1970 | Jack Tobin
But it was: Notre Dame caught erratic Southern Cal on an up week and, despite Joe Theismann's aerial heroics, had a perfect season no longer

December 07, 1970 | William F. Reed

December 07, 1970 | William F. Reed
THE BACK: Notre Dame Quarterback Joe Theismann had one of his finest days in the 38-28 loss to Southern Cal. Despite a steady rain, Theismann completed 33 of 58 passes for a whopping 526 yards and...

December 07, 1970 | Charles Goren
More bidding systems were put into play during the three weeks of world championship bridge competition in Stockholm last June than there are nations represented in the World Bridge Federation....

December 07, 1970 | Skip Myslenski
Frank Shorter, the ex-Yalie, ex-med student, ex-also-ran, adds the AAU championship to his laurels—without sacrificing the Elliott Gould touch

December 07, 1970 | Dan Levin
The South Pacific is peopled with nesians, Poly, Micro and Mela, and off in its northwest corner is Fiji, a melting pot for them all. The pot cliché is especially apt, because not too long ago...

December 07, 1970 | Pat Ryan
<b>Or: "Machiavelli couldn't have come up with a better game plan</b>"

December 07, 1970 | Edited by Robert Creamer
ENDANGERED SPECIES (CONT.)Last week we put Secretary of the Interior Walter J. Hickel on the endangered species list, and already he is extinct. By Friday not only had the Secretary been given the...

December 07, 1970 | Edited by Robert Creamer
•Archie Moore, asked how he thought Joe Frazier would do against Muhammad Ali when they meet in the new year, drew closer and whispered in the ear of the inquirer: "I'll tell you something. In my...

December 07, 1970
BASKETBALL—NBA: "This proved to us we've still got a great club," said Willis Reed after New York ended Milwaukee's 16-game winning streak 103-94 and saved their own NBA record of 18 straight on...

December 07, 1970
Clint McKinney rushed for an all-time collegiate high of 419 yards in 41 carries as College of the Canyons in Valencia, Calif. trounced Mt. Jacinto 73-29. Halfback Mc-Kinney scored four touchdowns...

December 07, 1970
17—right, H. Lane Stewart20, 21—John D. Hanlon23—Wayne Wilson from Leviton-Atlanta24-26—Sheedy & Long30, 31—Coles Phinizy38—Wagner International39, 40—Sheedy & Long62—William H....

December 07, 1970 | Janet Graham
If you can keep warm in Iceland, you can keep warm anywhere. And all you need do to find out how is to look at the weird, long-haired hippie sheep that wander freely all over that chilly land,...

December 07, 1970 | Frank Gifford
Another book about Vince Lombardi? After the autobiographical Run to Daylight! (with W. C. Heinz) and Jerry Kramer's Instant Replay, both established classics of their kind, and after a dozen...

December 07, 1970 | Samuel Carter III
<i>Nathanael Herreshoff, the Wizard of Bristol, is conceded by many to have been this country's finest yacht designer and is the only one to have produced boats for five successful defenses of...