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February 01, 1971 | Volume 34, Issue 5

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Tannia Rubiano Cover - Sports Illustrated February 01, 1971

February 01, 1971 | Pat Putnam
After a layoff of nearly two years, world-record holder Jim Ryun competed in his first race last week, an indoor mile in San Francisco, beat a mediocre field and removed a great weight from his...

February 01, 1971 | Tex Maule
<i> says Muhammad Ali, and you shouldn't have trouble guessing which role he assigns himself in the fight with Joe Frazier</i>

February 01, 1971 | Pat Ryan
<i>After a decade of high living, college football faces a serious financial squeeze. Costs are still rising, but revenues approach a ceiling. For all but the richest teams austerity measures...

February 01, 1971 | Curt Flood
<i>He was sold down the river, says the ex-Cardinal star, who gives his own version of the case that landed baseball in the federal courts and wound up with the author in the nation's...

February 01, 1971
Division leaders, those Knicks and Bucks are also likely NBA playoff finalists. Peter Carry covers a week in which they meet each other as well as some mutual opponents.

February 01, 1971
The place hasn't changed much since Columbus discovered it. There are still the green hills and sleepy rivers and azure surf rolling in on unspoiled beaches. But part of old Hispaniola, now the...

February 01, 1971 | William Johnson
<i>There will be the usual tourist comforts: hotels, golf alongside the sparkling ocean, hidden white-sand beaches. But if all goes as planned the island also will retain its very special...

February 01, 1971 | J. Richard Munro
Like most of the rest of us—according to Henry David Thoreau, anyway—Artist Saul Lambert lives what he believes is a life of quiet desperation, imprisoned at a drawing board in Princeton, N.J....

February 01, 1971 | Curry Kirkpatrick
And mighty UCLA thought it had been hit by a wild dump truck

February 01, 1971 | Harold Peterson

February 01, 1971 | Anita Verschoth
Last October, Christos Papanicolaou became the first to vault 18 feet, but it takes more than a world record to become a Greek hero

February 01, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane

February 01, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Alex Karras at the Super Bowl, appalled when Baltimore failed to go for a field goal in the first half, contemplating the situation after Nowatzke's second-half touchdown: "I wonder if they'll...

February 01, 1971 | Tex Maule
In the past, teams got up for the Pro Bowl in cocktail lounges, but this year the game was between clubs representing the two old leagues and therefore a matter of pride. In the end, the NFL was...

February 01, 1971 | Jerry Kirshenbaum
<i>The retirement dream dawns as a reality, every day is just for play, and sport is the tie that truly binds in this sunlit haven for the golfer, boater, angler</i>

February 01, 1971
BASKETBALL—NBA: Milwaukee's winning streak was ended at 10 games by Atlanta. Pete Maravich notched six straight points to lead the Hawks to a 117-110 victory as Walt Bellamy led all scorers with...

February 01, 1971
14-16—Fred Kaplan—Black Star24—Roy De Carava26—Herb Scharfman27—H. Lane Stewart29—Roy DeCarava42—Brother Charles McBride, CSC46—courtesy Greek Daily National Herald49—Athenian Press65—A. F. Dorey,...

February 01, 1971
Andy Matter, a Penn State wrestler from Upper Darby, is undefeated in dual meets in the 167-pound class over two years and has pinned four of his last six opponents. The Nittany Lions' junior is a...

February 01, 1971
BLACK IS BESTSirs:Beautiful, man, as in soul writing! Martin Kane's An Assessment of "Black Is Best" (Jan. 18) opens some very special doors indeed. Or it should.

February 01, 1971 | Don Anderson
For one whose gustatory explorations usually take place within half a mile of Fifth Avenue and 54th Street in Manhattan, the Field Guide edition of Euell Gibbons' remarkable book Stalking the Wild...

February 01, 1971 | J. A. Maxtone Graham
Although ice hockey is considered to be a somewhat dangerous pastime, few expect a game to end in wholesale tragedy. Yet this is precisely what occurred in London during the winter of 1867 in the...