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February 22, 1971 | Volume 34, Issue 8

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Delano Meriwether, Dr. Cover - Sports Illustrated February 22, 1971

February 22, 1971 | Alfred Wright
<i>A horde of distinguished guests, the Vice-President's tee shots and restoration of a monarch turned Bob Hope's Desert Classic into a desert happening</i>

February 22, 1971 | William Johnson
<b><i>The Japanese staged a full-scale dress rehearsal for the 1972 Winter Olympic Games last week and it came off as a colorful blend of clockwork precision and quite scrutable Oriental...

February 22, 1971 | Robert H. Boyle
<i>Dr. Delano Meriwether, a mild-mannered hematologist, strips off his lab coat, dons a swimsuit and runs for fun</i>

February 22, 1971
<b>"I'm a small piece of leather but I'm well put together, and nobody commands me.... I don't see how he can survive, unless he runs." So says Joe Frazier in a rare interview with Morton...

February 22, 1971
Boxer vs. Slugger is the classic match-up. A portfolio of art recalls the Johnson-Willard, Tunney-Dempsey, Conn-Louis and Charles-Marciano bouts and sets up Ali-Frazier.

February 22, 1971 | Dan Levin
Off Florida's northwest coast lies a nightmare of an island, a place of darkness and danger. But to a fisherman St. Vincent can be a dream of an entirely different kind

February 22, 1971 | J. Richard Munro
Muhammad Ali says Mort Sharnik is one of only two newsmen he will trust. Angelo Dundee, Ali's manager, says Sharnik is one of the few men, in or out of the sport, who really understands what...

February 22, 1971
Razzberry of the Week:First it was Pete Rozelle banning air horns at NFL games (SI, Dec. 21, 1970), and now it is L. Stanley Berenson, Florida jai-alai mogul, barring Brooklyn's Robert Pearce from...

February 22, 1971 | Joe Jares
Kean's Little Garden, they call the place, and if the name summons up visions of the friendly neighborhood beer hall or a spot where old ladies go to sniff camellias, that is all right with the...

February 22, 1971 | Sandy Treadwell

February 22, 1971 | Anita Verschoth
Only five women in history have jumped higher than Canada's Debbie Brill, who gives it a twist

February 22, 1971 | Pat Putnam
Kenny Buchanan had to battle through a hundred prefight hassles before he got to defend his title in the ring, and he won them all. It was excellent preparation for what happened after the opening...

February 22, 1971 | Robert F. Jones
Factory support was down and motel vacancy signs were up, but in an exciting race Plymouth's perennial hero won his third Daytona 500

February 22, 1971 | Walter Bingham
Until John Newcombe beat him last weekend in Philadelphia, people were wondering if Rod Laver would ever lose again. Laver had won nine straight "Pro Tennis Classic" matches at $10,000 a crack...

February 22, 1971 | Curry Kirkpatrick
<b><i>Body surfers are prone to hyperbole, but anyone who rides the waves at the Wedge in Newport Beach, Calif knows whereof he speaks. With breakers up to 22 feet, it's the hairiest trip...

February 22, 1971
BASKETBALL—NBA: After dropping six straight, the New York Knicks finally kicked the habit and upended Phoenix 114-99. Milwaukee moved to an 11½-game margin over Detroit by winning all four of its...

February 22, 1971
4, 16, 18—Neil Leifer19—T. Tanuma20, 21—John Iacono22, 25—James Drake28—Fred Kaplan-Black Star44—Dick Hoenig, UPI46—Wil Blanche52—Roy DeCarava55—Sheedy & Long60, 61—Nick Hudson63-72—Curt...

February 22, 1971
Jim Grzegorzewski, 9, of Sterling Heights, Mich. scored 20 points to lead the Celtics to a 48-4 win over the Bullets in the Parks and Recreation League. He scored 15 points two days earlier in a...

February 22, 1971
RED INKSirs:Pat Ryan should be congratulated for discussing a topic of great importance in her article A Grim Run to Fiscal Daylight (Feb. 1). But it seemed to me that the article failed to place...

February 22, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane

February 22, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Satchel Paige, after being named to the Hall of Fame's new wing for old-time Negro players: "The only change is that baseball has turned Paige from a second-class citizen into a second-class...