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March 08, 1971 | Volume 34, Issue 10

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Jack Nicklaus Cover - Sports Illustrated March 08, 1971

March 08, 1971 | Edited by Bob Ottum

March 08, 1971 | Edited by Bob Ottum
•Rod Gilbert, New York Rangers, on why he punched Philadelphia Flyer Bill Lesuk in a tense game: "He hit me on the head with his stick. And he didn't apologize."

March 08, 1971 | Frank Deford
The attention paid lately to cable television and the certainty that the video cassette is not too far in the future have obscured the rejuvenation of a familiar old form of the media—theater, or...

March 08, 1971 | Mark Kram
<b><i>...millions around the world will lean forward, the anticipation over, the moment now at hand when two of the best their sport has known settle who deserves the title that only one can...

March 08, 1971 | Dan Jenkins
<b><i>The new Jack Nicklaus is trim, genial and smartly dressed but, as his win at the PGA shows, he still plays like the old Nicklaus—with power and determination. He may be the best the...

March 08, 1971 | Frank Deford
<b><i>Thanks to the divisional draw, not their own eccentric efforts, the muddled, Maraviched Atlantans should make the playoffs</i></b>

March 08, 1971
It is called the Cactus League, and the Indians, who train in Tucson, can wahoo to their hearts' delight among the giant saguaros that poke their fingers 60 feet into the dry Arizona sky. This is...

March 08, 1971 | Deborah Haber
<b>Those friendly star-studded games they put together on weekends out in filmland are not always what they seem. In any case, the action can be pretty fast, both on and off the courts</b>

March 08, 1971 | J. Richard Munro
The prefix "eco" is much with us these days, beginning with ecology and moving on to such hyphenated pretensions as eco-chains, eco-systems, eco-worlds, eco-thought and even eco-journalism. But as...

March 08, 1971 | Joe Jares
Hofheinz Pavilion is hardly humble but, as Jacksonville found out, playing Houston on its own floor can be a humbling experience

March 08, 1971 | Sandy Treadwell

March 08, 1971 | Pat Ryan
Binoculars are the sports fan's best friend, but in your eagerness to get something that brings you close to the action don't look for magnification alone when you buy a pair. Size, weight and...

March 08, 1971 | Pat Ryan
Gil Brandt, chief scout for the Dallas Cowboys: "Right now I'm using a pair of Bushnell 7x35s. I've owned them for four years, which is a record for me because I usually wind up leaving my...

March 08, 1971 | Don Delliquanti
Hugo Castello coaches NYU, the best collegiate fencing team in the U.S. It is a distinction, he concedes, that invariably fails to impress

March 08, 1971 | Jack Olsen
<b><i>Across the mountains and ranges, chemical death sown by both private and Government interests is reaping a shocking harvest of wildlife and even threatens man</i></b>

March 08, 1971 | Jack Olsen
Jack Berryman, chief of the Government's Wildlife Services:

March 08, 1971 | Jack Olsen
A look at the devastation produced by the official poisoning Establishment—the men of the Wildlife Services division of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service—and the rationale behind it.

March 08, 1971
6—H. Lane Stewart20—Louisville Courier-Journal and Times, UPI21—Roy DeCarava23—James Drake (2), Walter Iooss Jr.24—Walter Iooss Jr.26, 27—Leviton-Atlanta28—Heinz Kleutmeier, Carl Iwasaki33—Heinz...

March 08, 1971
BASKETBALL—NBA: Milwaukee beat the San Francisco Warriors 118-107 to clinch a tie for its divisional title with 14 games remaining. Oscar Robertson, the new club assist-record holder paced the...

March 08, 1971
Tom Roy, of South Windsor (Conn.) High, scored 39 points to break the New England prep career record of 2,237 points while leading his team to an 88-50 victory over East Windsor. He has averaged...

March 08, 1971
MARCHING ORDERSSirs:It's too bad that Alfred Wright was tied up at the board meeting at Bermuda Dunes during the play of the Bob Hope Desert Classic (Thanks for the Memory, Feb. 22). He missed a...