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April 05, 1971 | Volume 34, Issue 14

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Steve Patterson Cover - Sports Illustrated April 05, 1971

April 05, 1971 | Jerry Kramer
five-time all-pro guard with the Green Bay Packers and author of "Instant Replay," "Farewell to Football" and "Lombardi—Winning is the Only Thing."

April 05, 1971
AUTO RACING—At the Ontario (Calif.) Motor Speedway MARIO ANDRETTI took first in the $288,900 Questor Grand Prix in a V-12 Ferrari (page 70).

April 05, 1971
25—Rich Clarkson, James Drake26—James Drake (2), Rich Clarkson29—Jerry Cooke, Walter Iooss Jr., Jerry Cooke30—Jerry Cooke32—Dolly Connelly33—Leonard McCombe-LIFE34—map by William Bernstein37—Dolly...

April 05, 1971
Barbara Wischmeier, a 6'1" senior at Mediapolis (Iowa) High, scored 71 points in a 104-103 overtime victory in the quarterfinals of the Iowa Girls' Basketball Tournament. She averaged 40 points a...

April 05, 1971
VALUESSirs:Your March 22 SCORECARD remarks about the poor being priced out of viewing the Frazier-Clay fight were callous, to say the least. It was not only the poor who were barred. I don't...

April 05, 1971 | Jane Gross
There are participants and there are spectators—jocks and fans, in the jargon of sports. And there is Edward Hoagland, who is really neither, but whose book, The Courage of Turtles (Random House,...

April 05, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane

April 05, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Mayor Joe Young of Tilbury, Ontario, explaining why the town arena is always full, even though the Tilbury Bluebirds of the Great Lakes Junior Hockey League have lost 43 consecutive games:...

April 05, 1971 | Joe Jares
The Bruins of UCLA won their fifth straight NCAA national title, but for once there was an element of doubt. Howard Porter and Villanova almost set the East on fire before their flame finally was...

April 05, 1971 | Whitney Tower
Everybody's favorite for the Kentucky Derby is Hoist The Flag, but the other colts keep trying, running, winning and hoping

April 05, 1971
Who can stop the Orioles, who can stop the Reds? Those are the questions 22 other big league teams are asking as the 1971 season begins, and here are the answers in a special preview package. Bill...

April 05, 1971 | Dolly Connelly
<i>Films edited to suggest the massacre of big-game animals by hunters are appalling viewers. Critics of the questionable telecasts are calling them cheap shots</i>

April 05, 1971 | Dan Jenkins
<i>Palmer, Nicklaus, Player, Casper—the very best—seem always to be at or near the top in the Masters, which is a key reason why this one is everybody's favorite golfing show</i>

April 05, 1971 | J. Richard Munro
A lot of knowledge, we have found, is a reassuring thing, and as a rule we rely on the expertise of our writers, editors, photographers and artists to assure a high level of editorial credibility....

April 05, 1971 | Bil Gilbert
<i>A skeptical visitor casts a jaundiced eye on the most sacrosanct golf tournament of all and, come Bobby Jones or high water, finds some things he doesn't like</i>

April 05, 1971 | Coles Phinizy
<b>Not if you're young Gil Drake, one off the world's most dedicated—and innovative—fishermen. He will fish for anything—and if bait or lure won't work, maybe a machete will</b>

April 05, 1971 | Joseph Mathewson
The following is adapted from Alfred von Helsing's no-punches-pulled account of life and love in the American Croquet League and his three years as offensive third mallet for the Oyster Bay...

April 05, 1971
The following item is restricted to bird watchers:

April 05, 1971 | Gwilym S. Brown
This article is not available at this time.

April 05, 1971 | Mark Mulvoy
It's finesse over fisticuffs as Boston eyes another Stanley Cup

April 05, 1971 | William F. Reed
Indiana was supposed to win its fourth straight collegiate title and—hoo, boy!—did it win

April 05, 1971 | Arch Napier
The Banzai Pipeline it ain't, or even Huntington Beach, but the man-made waves at Big Surf made do for the Inland Intercollegiates

April 05, 1971 | George Plimpton
<b>The fight, the dressing room, the hospital are all behind him. Now Muhammad Ali guides strangers through his new house, toys with its sparkling chandeliers and shows nothing has really...