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April 12, 1971 | Volume 34, Issue 15

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Boog Powell Cover - Sports Illustrated April 12, 1971

April 12, 1971 | Robert H. Boyle
Salmon fishing, once the private sport of a handful of grand old ladies and gentlemen with their own water on the Restigouche, has become more proletarian in recent years. The grande dames and...

April 12, 1971
AUTO RACING—Indy master A. J. FOYT, driving a 1969 Mercury, outdueled Plymouth's Richard Petty in the Atlanta 500, winning $19,200 and averaging 131.375 mph over the 1.5-mile oval of Atlanta...

April 12, 1971
26, 27—John Iacono, Sheedy & Long28—Jerry Cooke (2), AP30—Sheedy & Long31—James Drake32—T. Tanuma34—AP35—UPI (2), Sheedy & Long36—UPI41—Bruce Roberts-Rapho Guillumette42, 43—Curt...

April 12, 1971
Roby Politi, of Lake Placid, N.Y., co-captain of the St. Lawrence University ski team, won the Alpine combined championship at three major eastern collegiate winter carnivals. He won four straight...

April 12, 1971
THE ESPOSITO SONSSirs:A hearty huzzah for the interesting and illuminating article by Jack Olsen on the Esposito brothers and their devoted parents (Oh, Brother! A Pair To Watch, March 29). Being...

April 12, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane

April 12, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Frank Robinson of the Orioles, on fraternizing with the enemy in baseball: "There's too much of it, particularly in the American League. There's absolutely no way you can go barreling into second...

April 12, 1971 | Whitney Tower
The Flag is down, the dream horse of 1971 has shattered his leg. Now lesser—but sounder—colts scramble for his Derby

April 12, 1971
The green jacket will be won by somebody, maybe Casper again, maybe Nicklaus, maybe even old Arnold. It's time for golf's storied Masters. A report by Dan Jenkins.

April 12, 1971 | Peter Carry
Milwaukee looks like a shoo-in for the final round of the NBA playoffs, but Baltimore's revival, physically and in competitive spirit, means that New York will have its hands full in their matchup

April 12, 1971 | Dick Miles
Appearing at the World Table Tennis Championships after an absence of six years, Red China proved it hadn't lost a thing

April 12, 1971 | William Johnson
<i>Two of basketball's best undergraduates turn pro, others may, and football is in trouble, too, following a court decision</i>

April 12, 1971 | William F. Reed
<b>Bill Toomey says it's kind of tragic, being the best decathlete in the world and (sob!) not being allowed to compete</b>

April 12, 1971 | William Leggett
For the past few seasons baseball has been more concerned with commissioners, rules changes and front-office deals than with what happens on the field. But now the men who play the game are back....

April 12, 1971 | William Leggett
For Artist-Photographer Edward Kasper, baseball is more of a passion than a game. Even when he is coaching his Little League learn in Wilton, Conn.—one year to an undefeated season—he finds...

April 12, 1971 | William Leggett

April 12, 1971 | William Leggett

April 12, 1971
George Sisler, who hit .420 in 1922 and had a lifetime batting average of .340, "would simply feel a sense of sorrow," Branch Rickey once said, "for anybody who disagreed with him about hitting."...

April 12, 1971

April 12, 1971

April 12, 1971 | Frank Deford
It's the Orioles, of course, and not all the reasons are named Robinson, Palmer and Powell. Try Weaver, Dalton and Cashen (above), organizers of the best organization in the game

April 12, 1971
Brazil's Santos and France's Stars met in Paris for a charity soccer match recently, and on hand for the symbolic kickoff was Brigitte Bardot. Brazil's Pelé, as it turned out, was not at the top...

April 12, 1971 | Mark Mulvoy
Uncle Sam Snead stuck to his old ways in the Greensboro Open, had a hot streak and demonstrated a thing or two to his talented nephew

April 12, 1971 | C. Brooks Peters
The Ban, forbidding association with the British, may be dropped

April 12, 1971 | Charles Goren
A runaway victory by the Dallas Aces in the finals of the Vanderbilt team championship, main event of the American Contract Bridge League's Spring National tournament in Atlanta, proved to be...

April 12, 1971 | Roy Blount
<i>Synchronized swimming demands twists of body and leaps of imagination. Mrs. Swan and her Cygnets hope to get a standing ovation for their Easter extravaganza</i>

April 12, 1971 | Janet Graham
The island of Harris in Scotland's Outer Hebrides may be somewhat inaccessible, but Harris tweed, as the locals will proudly tell you, goes round the world—seven million yards of it every year....

April 12, 1971 | Leonard Wibberly
The Armstrong Siddeleys, Daimlers and Darracq something or others were wonderful, but the Riley supersport could outrun hedge sparrows