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May 17, 1971 | Volume 34, Issue 20

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James McAlister Cover - Sports Illustrated May 17, 1971

May 17, 1971
AUTO RACING—MARK DONOHUE drove a Javelin to victory in the 200-mile Trans-Am at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut through a downpour lasting the entire two hours, 39 minutes of the race. He averaged...

May 17, 1971
15—drawing by Quinton Barton18-21—Fred Kaplan-Black Star26, 27—Sheedy & Long34, 35—Don Uhrbrock40, 41—Courtesy Fox Movietone News58-61—Bob Willoughby from Lee Gross63—UPI, Curt Gunther72—John...

May 17, 1971
Juanita Santana, 13, won seven titles in the Baltimore County Table Tennis tournament, capturing the singles for girls under 13, 15, 17 and unlimited, and sharing three doubles titles. In her last...

May 17, 1971
HAPPY? (CONT.)Sirs:I was surprised that you would print the one-sided views of A. B. (Happy) Chandler (How I Jumped from Clean Politics into Dirty Baseball, April 26 and May 3). Four years ago Mr....

May 17, 1971 | Edited by Frank Deford

May 17, 1971 | Edited by Frank Deford
•E. B. Benjamin, breeder of Canonero II, on the triumph of the colt he sold to a Venezuelan for a mere $1,200: "It was just like National Velvet—but no Liz Taylor."

May 17, 1971 | Ron Fimrite
San Franciscans, slightly boreod with second-place, are cheering the Giants again

May 17, 1971 | Hugh McIlvanney

May 17, 1971 | Pat Putnam

May 17, 1971
The great race pits Jim Ryun, the world-record holder, against brash Marty Liquori, who beat him in their last two meetings, over a mile in Philadelphia's Freedom Games.

May 17, 1971 | Thomas Thompson
It was hardly a minor operation, importing the slam-bang sport of frontenis from Mexico, but Heart Surgeon Ted Diethrich is so keen on the game he has built a lavish backyard court

May 17, 1971 | J. Richard Munro
Calling a horse race is the trickiest form of the sports-announcing art. If you doubt that, ask Bud Greenspan, author of this week's recapitulation (page 40) of Clem McCarthy's famous Preakness...

May 17, 1971 | Bud Greenspan
At the Preakness 24 years ago Clem McCarthy made the most glaring mistake in sportscasting history, thus gaining notoriety as THE MAN WHO BLEW A DERBY

May 17, 1971 | Bil Gilbert

May 17, 1971 | Robert H. Boyle
Galloping right out of Afghanistan onto the silver screen comes a gutty saga featuring the world's roughest sporting event, buzkashi

May 17, 1971
Sporting Stomachs: bigHere is Mario Sajdak of Chicago about to consume 36 oysters liberally sprinkled with clams, 12 crabs, a tureen of vegetable soup, six broiled lobsters, a salad for four—also...

May 17, 1971 | Roy Blount Jr.
The Washington Senators have a book to play by and oh! so many problems—like a Floodless outfield and a trade coming up Short

May 17, 1971

May 17, 1971 | Joe Jares
Santa Monica YMCA won the U.S. title in Binghamton, N.Y. and may send as many as six men to Cuba for the Olympic elimination round

May 17, 1971 | Mary Reinholz
Remember Dr. Strangelove? Most of us who saw the film of the same name assumed he had perished in the fumes and fallout of Stanley Kubrick's arms-race fantasy. But Strangelove may have survived,...

May 17, 1971 | Whitney Tower
Because the Preakness will be less crowded than the jumbled Derby, it should provide a fairer test of 1971's leading 3-year-olds

May 17, 1971 | Frank Deford
The Joie Chitwoods, father and son, and their Danger Angels are kings of the thrill-show biz, prospering on the public's desire to see the action if some damfool driver wants to risk his neck