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June 28, 1971 | Volume 34, Issue 26

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Lee Trevino Cover - Sports Illustrated June 28, 1971

June 28, 1971 | Frank Deford
Since it first came courting, television has been sport's welcome guest. Now it appears that sport is ready to invite its well-heeled suitor all the way into the bedroom. The first serious sign of...

June 28, 1971 | Dan Jenkins
Who'll ever forget it? Lee Trevino, Jack Nicklaus, a gutty amateur and a tough old golf course combined to produce a melodramatic U.S. Open

June 28, 1971 | Hugh McIlvanney
He may never play in the U.S. Open—he's never won a big one—but John Hudson can really hit those holes in one

June 28, 1971 | Ron Fimrite
Surprise! Billy Martin is stopping fights. Surprise No. 2! The dovelike manager has those old curmudgeons, the Tigers, talking togetherness. But most surprising of all, they just might be winners

June 28, 1971 | Ed Zern

June 28, 1971 | E. Barry Ryan

June 28, 1971
Chinese torture tactics are being used by the National Football League against five Ohio State early-round draft choices, according to their agent. Mort Sharnik reports.

June 28, 1971 | Dick Miles

June 28, 1971 | Pat Putnam

June 28, 1971 | J. Richard Munro
One of the curious things about Ping-Pong—table tennis, if you will—is that almost everyone thinks he plays it rather well, and that if given a few pointers and a little practice he could be a...

June 28, 1971
The new Mrs. George Wallace drove the pace car at the Winston 500 a while back, and it seems the governor's mother, Mozelle, decided that she could at least kick off a rocking chair marathon. And...

June 28, 1971 | Joe Jares
Two young men, so fresh out of college that they still half-expected their dads to send them pocket money, made their professional baseball debuts last week as starting pitchers. Not in Peoria or...

June 28, 1971 | William F. Reed

June 28, 1971 | Pat Putnam
UCLA won the collegiate title and dedicated it to an absent jumper

June 28, 1971 | Hugh D. Whall
One of the most hopeful words in sport, albeit one that tends to stick like a frog in the throats of nonrowing Americans, is the noun repechage. It derives from the French repêcher, which...

June 28, 1971 | Jerry Kirshenbaum

June 28, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane

June 28, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Clete Boyer, new Hawaii Islander third baseman, on his $1,000 fine for gambling: "I'd go double or nothing with Bowie Kuhn, but I don't think he'd go for that."

June 28, 1971
AUTO RACING—JACKY ICKX of Belgium drove his Ferrari to victory in the Dutch Grand Prix on a day of continuous drizzle. Ickx took the lead near the halfway mark and lapped all but runner-up Pedro...

June 28, 1971
16, 17—Gerry Cranham19—Herb Scharfman20—Reggie Sellas21, 22—U.S. Bureau of Sport Fisheries & Wildlife26,27—Jerry Cooke28—UPI36—Glenn Kirchhoff, Jerry Cooke46—George Munker51—Lee Balterman,...

June 28, 1971
Sue Coffey of Marblehead (Mass.) High hit four final-inning home runs in leading her softball team to 18 straight victories, while batting .625 with seven homers as a senior. Sue was top scorer on...

June 28, 1971
CANONEROSirs:Of all the tormented logic in your publication, a zenith was reached with your June 14 cover headline, Canonero Should Not Have Run. The week before the Belmont (SCORECARD, June 7)...