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July 05, 1971 | Volume 35, Issue 1

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Alex Johnson Cover - Sports Illustrated July 05, 1971

July 05, 1971 | Ron Fimrite

July 05, 1971 | Pat Putnam

July 05, 1971 | Robert F. Jones
By beating the McLarens, Jackie Stewart fanned the competitive embers of a rich but too predictable sports car series

July 05, 1971
An early-morning fog rolls over the racetrack and creeps around the barns as a pretty pigtailed girl in jeans gets ready to gallop her horse before the sun is up. Somewhere a bird chirps, and you...

July 05, 1971
Yes, he's Vida, and Blue too, like the wretches who bat against him. Roy Blount reports on the Mansfield, La. (and Oakland) pitcher who may be a quarterback at heart.

July 05, 1971 | Morton Sharnik

July 05, 1971
It is late of an evening and the Associated Press man is taking a report over the telephone in Miami. "Dennis Riggs is the new middleweight champion of Florida!" the caller announces—and goes on...

July 05, 1971 | J. Richard Munro
One of these days—well, sometime this fall, after the baseball season—our newest staff writer, Ron Fimrite, will get a chance to meet his associates at SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. Fimrite joined us four...

July 05, 1971 | William Leggett
The act in Philadelphia was good for a few caustic laughs, and then along came Rick Wise, a triple threat who fields, hits—and pitches

July 05, 1971 | Mark Mulvoy

July 05, 1971 | Curry Kirkpatrick
A mophead freshman from the University of Texas led his team to an upset victory in the NCAA championship with an impressive professional-style performance that gave him the individual title as well

July 05, 1971 | Robert F. Jones
Switching canyons, Evel Knievel now plans to jet across the Snake

July 05, 1971 | George Plimpton

July 05, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane

July 05, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Dave McNally, Oriole pitcher and American Legion Baseball's Graduate of the Year, on how his mother encouraged him to play: "She always said, 'Have a good time; you'll be working the rest of your...

July 05, 1971
4—H. Lane Stewart13—Fred Kaplan-Black Star, Heinz Kluetmeier14—Fred Kaplan15, 16—Heinz Kluetmeier18, 19—Rich Clarkson20—Sheedy & Long21—Rich Clarkson22, 23—Eric Schweikardt30—Tony...

July 05, 1971
Barbie Diver led three girls' teams at Tower Hill School in Wilmington, Del. to unbeaten seasons as top scorer in field hockey and lacrosse and as the second leading scorer in basketball. In her...

July 05, 1971
AUTO RACING—JACKIE STEWART, in a Lola-Chevy, interrupted the run of McLaren successes in the Can-Am challenge series by defeating Denis Hulme at St. Jovite, Quebec (page 22).

July 05, 1971
MET DISSENTSirs:Bill Leggett states that the Mets are unpredictable (Beware of the Cliff Dwellers, June 21), but he fails to see that the Pirates are quite the opposite. Willie Stargell continues...

July 05, 1971 | Robert H. Boyle
People who are interested in dogs are really interested in dogs. Nothing else will suffice. One sees the types, individual yet familiar: the elderly Chesapeake handler, hatband studded with...

July 05, 1971 | Richard Mandell
His specialty was the "jump"—a lunging sprint within a sprint. Warily watching for a gap in the ranks of his persecutors, the little black bike rider would put his nose even closer to the front...