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August 16, 1971 | Volume 35, Issue 7

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Calvin Hill Cover - Sports Illustrated August 16, 1971

August 16, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane

August 16, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Jonathan Staggers, new head basketball coach at Hayward State, explaining that his team would fast-break and play less pattern basketball: "We'll have a homeostatic type of offense within a...

August 16, 1971 | Hugh D. Whall
Milwaukee offered a revolutionary sailboat competition. No handicaps, no adjusted finishes—Just fastest boat wins. And forget it if you don't know what 'half ton' means. Nobody does

August 16, 1971 | Pat Putnam
The U.S. men won 18 of 22 track and field gold medals at the Pan-Am Games, including an unprecedented 10,000 meter-marathon double by Frank Shorter, but the basketball team was the victim of a...

August 16, 1971 | Dan Levin

August 16, 1971 | Tex Maule
The way Tommy Prothro of the Rams figures it, winning isn't everything, and it's a long, long way from August to December, so why get upset about a preseason defeat at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys

August 16, 1971
Competitive diving is the high-bounding offspring of a marriage between an art form and exact science. The sport is a combination of grace, precision, style, beauty and timing, fused into athletic...

August 16, 1971
Stalking a killer through open seas, a unique hunting party lands some fascinating him of that elusive man-eater, the great white shark. James Lipscomb describes the quest.

August 16, 1971 | William F. Reed
U.S. Air Force Captain Maxine Joyce (Micki) King is only 27 but in the age-conscious world of competitive diving she is regarded as something of a relic; many of her younger rivals tease Micki by...

August 16, 1971 | Richard W. Johnston

August 16, 1971 | J. Richard Munro
On a corner shelf in the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED news bureau stands a small box with a discreet red cross on its side that has been the salvation of more than one editor and writer suffering to meet a...

August 16, 1971
The classy-looking couple receiving congratulations from tennis star Pancho Gonzales are Mickey Thompson and his bride Trudy Feller. Mickey, the record-setting driver who is now a multimillionaire...

August 16, 1971 | William Leggett
The Orioles are so rich in talent, they keep shuffling a couple of baseball's brightest prospects back to the minors. Wait till next year

August 16, 1971 | Roy Blount

August 16, 1971 | Mark Mulvoy
Ken Harrelson shows promise, but only $210 profit, in his tour debut

August 16, 1971 | Bud Collins
Cliff Drysdale defended himself with ease against demonstrators, but found a later demonstration by Ken Rosewall harder to handle

August 16, 1971 | Whitney Tower
When she retires, the breeders will all want Shuvee for their stud

August 16, 1971 | J. P. Heinz

August 16, 1971
CREW—THE UNION BOAT CLUB of Boston won the heavyweight eights title in the national championships at Orchard Beach Lagoon in New York City and qualified to represent the U.S. in the European...

August 16, 1971
4—Jerry Cooke19—Neil Leifer20—Rich Clarkson21—UPI22—Rich Clarkson23—UPI24—Sheedy & Long56—Pictorial Parade, Sheedy & Long58—Herb Scharfman60—Tony Tomsic65—John Iacono68—Jerry Cooke87—Stan...

August 16, 1971
Mary Ann Callies, a Gig Harbor, Wash. housewife and angler, landed the largest halibut caught by a woman at Agate and Crescent beaches, a 133-pounder. For the previous five years her big fish of...

August 16, 1971
BEAT 'EM BUCSSirs:You devoted most of On the Lam with the Three Rivers Gang (Aug. 2) to Roberto Clemente and Willie Stargell and seemed to overlook the Pirate bench. True, Clemente and Stargell...

August 16, 1971 | Jeannette Bruce
Mary Roberts Rinehart used them to keep herself preoccupied while she worked out the intricacies of her mystery plots. A former president of Bethlehem Steel ordered them sent to his special train...

August 16, 1971 | Tom Edwards
Green Sheet Benny was an ecologist long before the word came into style. He lived within a controlled environment, doing all of the controlling himself and making a nice dollar out of it. Green...