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August 30, 1971 | Volume 35, Issue 9

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Ferguson Jenkins Cover - Sports Illustrated August 30, 1971

August 30, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane

August 30, 1971 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Lefty Gomez, Yankee pitcher from 1930 to 1942, explaining his fame to Babe Ruth Tournament kids: "I am the one that made Joe DiMaggio a famous outfielder. Every time I threw one, there went Joe...

August 30, 1971 | William Leggett
Right on schedule, pennant madness has struck the National League where Pittsburgh and San Francisco fans are in agony watching the Cubs, Cards and Dodgers threaten once-comfortable leads

August 30, 1971 | Ron Fimrite
Whatever hopes the Dodgers still entertain of overtaking the Giants in the Western Division race would seem to rest with their 38-year-old shortstop's quaint notion that on baseball diamonds in...

August 30, 1971 | Jerry Kirshenbaum

August 30, 1971 | William F. Reed
France's superb Une de Mai almost missed the Roosevelt International because of quarantine restrictions, but once in the U.S. she made all the other horses look sick

August 30, 1971 | Dora Jane Hamblin

August 30, 1971
Head-to-head competition returns to the professional golf tour after 14 years, in the U.S. Match Play Championships from Pinehurst, N.C. Dan Jenkins reports on the action.

August 30, 1971 | Gwilym S. Brown

August 30, 1971 | J. Richard Munro
What happens to fastball pitchers when their arms give out? Some, like Sandy Koufax, take up announcing. Others, like Jim Bouton, write bestsellers and take up announcing. And then there is writer...

August 30, 1971
This year Penn State's play-by-play football announcer, Fran Fisher, is going to have his hands full, not to mention his mouth. The roster includes Carl Schaukowitch, John Skarzynski, Charlie...

August 30, 1971 | Joe Jares
In these expansive days of 600 major league baseball players on 24 teams, only the poor eyestrain victims who proofread box scores for The Sporting News can hope to keep track of everybody. Gus...

August 30, 1971

August 30, 1971 | Pat Putnam
Ever since some wide-eyed Neanderthal stumbled upon the first mammoth, man has been a shivering moth drawn with fascination to a monster's flame. Buried in most of us is the urge to seek out some...

August 30, 1971 | Frank Deford
Steadying down—and coming up stronger at 29—relatively unknown Marty Riessen may be the best bet for a U.S. victory at Forest Hills

August 30, 1971 | Whitney Tower
It could have been a dream field: Hoist The Flag, Canonero II, Jim French, Eastern Fleet, Executioner, Unconscious, His Majesty, Dynastic, Impetuosity, Twist The Axe, Bold Reasoning and Salem, all...

August 30, 1971 | Pat Jordan

August 30, 1971
AUTO RACING—RICHARD PETTY, the first stock-car driver to top the $1 million mark in total earnings on the NASCAR circuit, became the first to reach $200,000 in a single season when he finished...

August 30, 1971
4—John D. Hanlon13—John Iacono14—John Iacono, Bob Donaldson15—Fred Kaplan-Black Star16—H. Lane Stewart, Herb Scharfman (2)22—Roosevelt Raceway30—Roy DeCarava31—John D Hanlon36—Roy DeCarava41—left,...

August 30, 1971
Steve Matulac of San Bruno, Calif., the Northern California 8-year-old judo champion, won the national title for 9-year-olds at an AAU-sponsored meet at Arizona State University. Only 4' tall, he...

August 30, 1971
THE DEFENSE RESTSSirs:J.P. Heinz' literate article, In Defense of the Sweet Science (Aug. 16), failed to convince me of the merits of boxing. I cannot object to this sport on the grounds of...

August 30, 1971 | John Cottrell