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September 20, 1971 | Volume 35, Issue 12

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John Brodie Cover - Sports Illustrated September 20, 1971

September 20, 1971 | Frank Deford
Jim Bouton's I'm Glad You Didn't Take It Personally (Morrow, $5.95) is not so much a sequel to Ball four as it is Son of Ball Four—a tale not of baseball but of what happened to Bouton after he...

September 20, 1971
ARCHERY—JIM RILEY of Bellbrook, Ohio won the $15,000 Professional championships with a four-day score of 1,177 in Grayling, Mich. Defending champion MRS. ANN BUTZ of Suffern, N.Y. took the women's...

September 20, 1971
22—Tony Tomsic23—Heinz Kluetmeier24—Sheedy & Long25—Rich Clarkson28—H. Lane Stewart32, 33—Vic Stein (4)55—Sheedy & Long56—Neil Leifer57—Sheedy & Long58, 59—Walter Iooss Jr.60, 61—Neil...

September 20, 1971
Maryann Steiert, 15, of Valley Forge, Pa., won five titles—Medium Pony, Junior Hunter class, Section B Large Hunter class, Junior Hunter Grand Champion and the top award, the Hunter Seat...

September 20, 1971
NO SPORT IN PHILLYSirs:Thank you very much for the article concerning the Philadelphia school board's financial dilemma and its subsequent decision to discontinue varsity and intramural sports in...

September 20, 1971 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

September 20, 1971 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Charles McClendon, LSU football coach: "I know we're playing 11 games, our players know we're playing 11 games, but our fans think we're playing only one: Notre Dame."

September 20, 1971 | Dan Jenkins
The college football season began with Nebraska, Ohio State and Stanford showing no mercy, while Alabama said happy birthday to Bear

September 20, 1971 | Robert F. Jones
That was alma mater aplenty for Joe Leonard as his sunshine-yellow Ford seized victory in the rich California 500. Among his victims: Ivy Leaguer Mark Donohue, who flunked a simple reading test

September 20, 1971 | Bil Gilbert
The high point of the quarter-horse year was a $750,000 Futurity, but the event was overshadowed by the poisoning of the sport's best sire

September 20, 1971 | Roy Blount
Chris Evert may have had her detractors among the women players at Forest Hills, but to the crowd she was a heroine

September 20, 1971 | Tex Maule
The NFL kicks off its 52nd season to criticism that the game has deteriorated, its talent been diluted. No way, says the author, who scrutinizes a mythical game: '51 Rams vs. '71 Cowboys

September 20, 1971 | Tex Maule

September 20, 1971
The Dolphins' uniforms are aqua, which the NFL calls "a shade of blue." First. The Colts' blue is darker. So are their chances. Second. The Jets are blue because of Namath's knee. Third. The Bills...

September 20, 1971
The Bengals have Paul Brown. Another title. The Steelers have Frenchy Fuqua. He has a glass cane but no limp. Second. The Oilers have a passer with a "negative psychosis." Mmm, third. The Browns'...

September 20, 1971
The Raiders have everything, including Blanda. Make it five straight. The Chiefs have almost everything, including Stram's red vest. A sharp second. The Broncos have everything but offense. Third....

September 20, 1971
The Cowboys will win despite Morton. The Cards will be second despite more emotion. The Redrams will be third despite the bald heads. The Giants will lose despite Tarkenton. The Eagles will open...

September 20, 1971
Playoff payoffs are a cinch for Brooks and Vida, and Ron Fimrite assesses their confrontation, while in the stormier National League William Leggett surveys the battlefield.

September 20, 1971
The Vikings have three proven quarterbacks. They finish first. The Lions have two proven quarterbacks. They finish second. The Packers have one proven quarterback. They finish third. The Bears...

September 20, 1971
The 49ers have the passing, the running and the schedule. First. The Rams have lost nine starters but they've gained a coach. Second. The Falcons have health. Third. The Saints have Archie...

September 20, 1971
The San Francisco 49ers were once saddled with the nickname Prospectors. It didn't stick, maybe because it called to mind a grizzled band of wizened no-hopers who couldn't make a first down much...

September 20, 1971 | Robert F. Jones
If the San Francisco 49ers make it all the way to the Super Bowl this season, as well they might, then they will owe a long stretch of that journey to the strong right arm of Quarterback John...

September 20, 1971 | Don Delliquanti
The time: one night in late August. The place: various ball parks in both major leagues. The bag: total confusion. Rudy May is on the mound for the California Angels and will be pitching against...

September 20, 1971 | Ron Fimrite

September 20, 1971 | J. Richard Munro
Photographer Tony Triolo can cajole a reluctant subject into smiling, sitting, standing or turning a little bit more this way or that because persistence is part of his profession. But even Tony...

September 20, 1971 | Peter Carry
Earl Manigault, once one of the basketball superheroes on Harlem's playgrounds, sat resting briefly during a scrimmage at the Utah Stars' training camp and pulled his red practice jersey up under...

September 20, 1971 | Curry Kirkpatrick
There they were, showdowning it again. Supermex versus the Gringo Kid. Captain Appendectomy meets the Mod Blond. Healing Scar against Golden Bear. In short, another chapter in the continuing saga...

September 20, 1971 | Charles Goren
The two bridge stars whose names are most often confused surely must be Bill August of Springfield, Mass. and Harold Ogust of New York City. To add to the patronymic confusion, each is the...

September 20, 1971 | John Underwood