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December 06, 1971 | Volume 35, Issue 23

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Johnny Musso Cover - Sports Illustrated December 06, 1971

December 06, 1971 | Richard W. Johnston
Smirnoff, appropriately enough, was the sponsor of the world pro-am, because—as the man said—if you can't see it, smell it or taste can always surf on it

December 06, 1971 | Clive Gammon

December 06, 1971 | J. Richard Munro
It is sometimes our pleasure in this space to call attention to a writer of whom we are particularly proud, or to a story that we feel is unusually distinguished. This is such an occasion, on both...

December 06, 1971
BASKETBALL—NBA: New York ran its winning streak 10 seven and tied Boston for the Atlantic Division lead despite the continued absence of injured Willis Reed. Jerry Lucas, substituting at center,...

December 06, 1971
23—Neil Leifer24—Brian Lanker25—Rich Clarkson26,27—Jerry Cooke, Neil Leifer (2)29—Tony Triolo38—Gerry Cranham64—Bill Cunningham, AP69—John Iacono76—Jerry Cooke88, 93—Heinz Kluetmeier94—Sheedy...

December 06, 1971
Jim Shaw, a 36-year-old bowling-lanes manager from Columbus, Ohio, broke the city's three-game record by 27 pins when he bowled a 297-258-288—843. He had 31 strikes out of a possible 36 en route...

December 06, 1971
THE GAMESirs:How could you talk about Oklahoma-Nebraska as "This Year's Game of the Decade" (Nov. 22) without previewing the other Game of the Decade played the same week? This year's...

December 06, 1971 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

December 06, 1971 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Mike Lucci, Detroit Lion linebacker, on his three key interceptions against the Chicago Bears: "Yeah, they gave me the game ball. If they hadn't given it to me, I would have taken it, anyway."

December 06, 1971 | Dan Jenkins
Unbeaten and No. 1, the Cornhuskers rallied for a dramatic victory over unbeaten and No. 2 Oklahoma in that publicized confrontation. Now they face an Orange Bowl battle with unbeaten Alabama

December 06, 1971 | Joe Jares
Rosewall beat Laver to win the WCT grand finale in Dallas, but second-place money made Rod the first pro-tennis millionaire

December 06, 1971 | Mark Mulvoy

December 06, 1971 | Dan Levin

December 06, 1971
From the top the slopes fall away for 10 miles or more of unbroken snow and there is every chance that man has never set boot or ski on any of it. This is a new ski world, so vast that it could...

December 06, 1971 | Anita Verschoth
A back-country skier is brave, reverent, loyal, sturdy, agile, adventuresome—and definitely a bit daring. It also helps if he is an expert: one does not snowplow through deep powder. As Canada's...

December 06, 1971 | Homer Groening

December 06, 1971
"I'll be the greatest lawyer after being the greatest fighter," said the boxer. Muhammad Ali on a new kick? No, Terry Daniels, a former SMU linebacker who plans to upset Joe Frazier and take away...

December 06, 1971 | Jim Kaplan
As the pro scouts have discovered, Hillsdale's placekicker is worth three points from 60 yards away

December 06, 1971
Whirlwind offense sends the speedy Los Angeles Lakers off on a basketball rampage—and stampede watcher Peter Carry has the inside story on how the West was run.

December 06, 1971 | Don Delliquanti

December 06, 1971 | Don Delliquanti
THE LINEMAN: Rich Glover, the 6'l", 234-pound Nebraska middle guard, took part in 22 tackles in the Cornhuskers' much publicized win over Oklahoma. Glover, who is a junior, was also credited with...

December 06, 1971 | Whitney Tower
Ten years ago Laffit Pincay got his first riding lessons sitting on a keg; now even his rivals concede that he is the finest jockey in the world

December 06, 1971 | Robert F. Jones
The customary safari props were all in place: an apple-green dusk, just beginning to spread like Kodachrome over the hills north of Nairobi and hippos belching and mumbling in the chocolate...

December 06, 1971 | Dan Levin
Not a bird, not really a plane, a boat with a racy reputation came to the serene waters of Florida's Tampa Bay to show off its gentler side

December 06, 1971 | Gwilym S. Brown
That's Frank Shorter (right), who won the national championship

December 06, 1971 | Jerry Kirshenbaum
Minnesota Viking fans are a hardy, chest-beating lot. They like to eat and booze it up a lot. They do it in the Metropolitan Stadium parking lot. Frozen noses and toeses is their lot

December 06, 1971 | M.R. Werner
In an age of rampant nostalgia, Allison Danzig's anthology of oldtime football writing, Oh, How They Played the Game (The Macmillan Co., $10), has something for everyone—for devotees of the modern...

December 06, 1971 | Charles Einstein