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February 21, 1972 | Volume 36, Issue 8

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Allie McGuire Cover - Sports Illustrated February 21, 1972

February 21, 1972 | William Johnson

February 21, 1972 | Curry Kirkpatrick
The Milwaukee McGuires, 'fils' and 'père' Marquette, share that New York heritage and a team that has yet to suffer defeat, although at times it seemed that any little win was better than an...

February 21, 1972 | Dan Levin
The Irish do not often beat England at Twickenham, but they did last week and almost everybody was happy. When Mike Flynn made his goal, he was demonstrating what sports can offer that politics cannot

February 21, 1972 | Walter Bingham

February 21, 1972 | Coles Phinizy

February 21, 1972
The stocks market is going to be up when the good old boys—and some good new boys—get together in Florida for the world's richest stock-car race, the Daytona 500.

February 21, 1972 | Thomas McGuane

February 21, 1972 | John Updike
"Boys are playing basketball around a telephone pole with a backboard bolted to it. Legs, shouts. The scrape and snap of Keds on loose alley pebbles seem to catapult their voices high into the...

February 21, 1972
Keeping your eye on the ball gets more difficult in the Minnesota state junior high school league, where Kathy Leonard, 29, a pretty Faribault, Minn. schoolteacher, referees some of the games....

February 21, 1972 | Kent Hannon
Everything about Kermit Washington suggests All-America. His surname aside, he was born in the nation's capital, attends American University, dates a cheerleader, plays basketball in a red, white...

February 21, 1972 | Harold Peterson

February 21, 1972 | Pat Putnam
According to an astrologer, Steve Prefontaine (above) was supposed to come in third in the two-mile, but the horoscope was full of Taurus

February 21, 1972 | Peter Carry
The Van Arsdale twins look alike, think alike and play alike—Dick for Phoenix and Tom for Cincinnati—but they don't like to go one-on-one on one another. So last weekend brotherly love slowed the...

February 21, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

February 21, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Bobby Knight, Indiana basketball coach, on refusing to shake hands with controversial Bill Musselman of Minnesota after Indiana's 61-42 win last week: "My feeling dates from our earlier game this...

February 21, 1972 | Walter Bingham
Nobody wins these athletic feuds, but it's always the fans who suffer

February 21, 1972 | Frank Deford

February 21, 1972
BASKETBALL—NBA: Fast-breaking Boston, tops in the Atlantic Division, streaked to nine wins in a row with a 128-123 victory over Seattle as John Havlicek popped in 42 points, a 139-112 rout of...

February 21, 1972
11—Jerry Cooke, Neil Leifer12—Jerry Cooke, Neil Leifer13—Jerry Cooke, Neil Leifer14—Eric Schweikardt17—Sport & General26—Coles Phinizy38-45—Walter Iooss Jr.46—AP, UPI52—Sheedy &...

February 21, 1972
Todd Lugar, a fourth-grader at Spring Mill Elementary in Indianapolis, is ranked Indiana's No. 1 (10 and under) and No. 3 (12 and under) tennis player. Todd was leading scorer on his football team...

February 21, 1972
Sirs:I would like to make it perfectly clear that as athletic director of the University of Minnesota I do not condone the acts of physical violence and crowd reaction that led to early...