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March 13, 1972 | Volume 36, Issue 11

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Johnny Bench Cover - Sports Illustrated March 13, 1972

March 13, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

March 13, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Joe Torre, St. Louis Cardinal third baseman and last year's Most Valuable Player, on his holdout at spring training: "They're even charging me for coffee and gum at the clubhouse."

March 13, 1972 | Hugh D. Whall
Sorry about that, Equation. Pity, Running Tide. Stiff upper, Charisma. They had the pedigrees, but little old Condor—the sloop with the yellow-topped spinnaker to your right—won the prize. No way...

March 13, 1972 | Whitney Tower
Wealthy owners and blue-blooded colts have idled away the winter—and maybe their chance to win the Kentucky Derby

March 13, 1972 | William Leggett

March 13, 1972 | Robert Byrne

March 13, 1972 | Jerry Kirshenbaum

March 13, 1972
King of the hill is the game in college basketball as the NCAA regional playoffs begin. Curry Kirkpatrick scouts those teams who are hoping to climb up to pull down UCLA.

March 13, 1972
He slipped into France unnoticed: a large, close-cropped, friendly looking sort in rumpled ski togs, and he toured all the chic resorts, places like Courchevel, La Plagne, Flaine, Megève and Val...

March 13, 1972
The people-to-people program got a marital twist in Lake Placid, N. Y. recently when some local folks got together and presented a wedding gown to Galina Karelina, the Soviet pairs figure-skating...

March 13, 1972 | Curry Kirkpatrick
North Carolina is flipping with team spirit. Now, if everybody can just master the shadowbox and the hook-back, the Heels could go places

March 13, 1972 | Harold Peterson

March 13, 1972 | Pat Putnam
Jim Ryun's comeback backfired in L.A., Marty Liquori was forced to scratch and Tom Von Ruden won

March 13, 1972 | Tex Maule

March 13, 1972 | J. Richard Munro
The vital signs were terrible. And yet looking at Tex propped up there in the oxygen tent with a silly grin on his lips, it was hard to believe he was going to go out that easily. For one thing,...

March 13, 1972
BASKETBALL—NBA: When Baltimore, the leader of the all-losing Central Division, lost its second overtime game in three days—to Seattle 118-117 (the first was to New York 97-95)—Coach Gene Shue...

March 13, 1972
7—John D. Hanlon16—Sheedy & Long17—Tony Triolo28, 35—William Albert Allard46—AP52—James Drake, John D. Hanlon57—Sheedy & Long58—John D. Hanlon

March 13, 1972
Susan Wasch, of Middletown, Conn., a mother of four who has been out of competition seven years, teamed with her brother, John Beck, to win the National Platform Tennis Mixed Doubles championship...

March 13, 1972
NEW LEAGUESirs:Mark Mulvoy's article (See the Pucklings Wobble In, Feb. 28) showed that the World Hockey Association has a long way to go before it becomes established. So far it has been only a...

March 13, 1972 | John Carol
A little over a year ago Kenyon and Eckhardt, a New York ad agency, came up with a study that claimed to show that basketball was the sport of the '70s. The 65-page treatise held that basketball...

March 13, 1972 | Mordecai Richler
Of all the bounty Canadians have yielded to an ungrateful, even insatiable United States (and anybody's short list must include the sayings of Marshall McLuhan, as well as the liberal...

March 13, 1972 | Peter Finney
Among its many claims to fame, New Orleans has never listed the breeding of thoroughbreds, yet the Louisiana city's interest in bloodlines and the differences of opinion they engender dates back...