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March 27, 1972 | Volume 36, Issue 13

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Vida Blue Cover - Sports Illustrated March 27, 1972

March 27, 1972 | William F. Reed

March 27, 1972 | Pat Putnam
The U.S. women's track team upset Russia in Richmond as two astonished 16-year-olds beat their elders in the 880 and the mile

March 27, 1972 | Ron Reid

March 27, 1972 | Jack Tobin
The call of the wild has many voices, and among the strangest is the mixture of automobile noise and desert desolation that has produced a breed of off-road racing men. From time to time these...

March 27, 1972
Ferrari's back and Sebring's got those melodramatic red racers for 12 hours of vroom. Another Italian marque, Alfa Romeo, is going to be the principal opposition.

March 27, 1972 | Virginia Kraft

March 27, 1972 | Barry McDermott
And how about a big, rousing Braaack! for the visiting team, just to make them feel right at home

March 27, 1972
Tiny Tim had a dickens of a time in Kansas City last week. The long-haired singer, in town for an appearance at the Playboy Club, had the papers for his divorce from Miss Vicki served on him in...

March 27, 1972 | Hugh D. Whall
Take 10 boats and 10 skippers, one of them an America's Cup winner. Got that? One of these crews is known to drink a bit. The result?

March 27, 1972 | J. Richard Munro
Most Americans remain indifferent to the enormous interest soccer generates in most countries but our own. Busy following their own major spectator sports, particularly football, baseball and...

March 27, 1972 | Harold Peterson
Whatever they call that brand of ball, it looked awfully imposing when Travis Grant was shooting and the jucos and Roanoke were playing

March 27, 1972 | Mark Mulvoy
B.U. wins the NCAA with stout defense and a crafty power play

March 27, 1972 | Mark Kram

March 27, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

March 27, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Benny Scott, who hopes to become the first black driver to qualify for the Indianapolis 500 in 1973, on equal opportunities in the sport: "Is big-league auto racing lily white? I would say so....

March 27, 1972
BASKETBALL—NBA: Surprising Boston clinched the Atlantic Division title by winning four in a row, while defending champion New York dropped three of five to fall seven games behind. It was the...

March 27, 1972
5—drawing by Thomas Vink-Lainas12—Heinz Kluetmeier13—John Iacono14, 15—Rich Clarkson, Heinz Kluetmeier16, 17—Tony Triolo18—Fred Kaplan-Black Star (6), John F. Jaqua31—Virginia Kraft46—Herb...

March 27, 1972
Judy Wilson, the mother of two boys and the coach of the St. Stephen High girls' basketball team in New Brunswick, Canada, led the Spartans to 118 consecutive victories in high school play in four...

March 27, 1972
Sirs:My congratulations to Tex Maule on his successful battle against myocardial ischemia (, March 13). His account is an excellent example of the fact that many men are able to overcome physical...

March 27, 1972 | Mary Reinholz
Hula Hoops may have been a passing fancy, Frisbees may come and go, but the yo-yo returns forever. Last spring, after a decade of absence, this boomerang on a string spun in for one of its...

March 27, 1972 | Jerry Kirshenbaum
After 25 years, public fury is crumbling before historical fact