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May 01, 1972 | Volume 36, Issue 18

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Willie Davis Cover - Sports Illustrated May 01, 1972

May 01, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
YOU HAVE EARS BUT HEAR NOTBecause athletes have been warned so often against using drugs, it is sometimes hard to believe the problem is still serious. But at least one NFL owner says it is, and...

May 01, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Doug Osburn, Rice baseball coach, recalling the Cubs' no-hit Burt Hooton as a collegian: "I had one guy who hit under everything, missed each pitch by about a foot. He was the only one who liked...

May 01, 1972 | William Leggett

May 01, 1972 | Larry Keith
Flashing the stickwork and savvy that have made him top point man in the nation, Jack Thomas leads Hopkins to a decisive victory over Army and to its old eminence

May 01, 1972 | Mark Mulvoy
New York's suffering hockey fans, deprived of the Stanley Cup since 1940, were ecstatic over the Rangers' blitz of Chicago but apprehensive about their opponents in the final: the bold Boston Bruins

May 01, 1972 | Frank Deford
While everybody watched Los Angeles beat the Bucks out West, the East was producing a deceptive challenger in the Knicks

May 01, 1972 | Peter Carry
From the first to last game, through it all, Jerry West masked his frustration well. During the first 10 long days of the Los Angeles Laker playoff series with the Milwaukee Bucks, West limited...

May 01, 1972
In Louisville during Kentucky Derby Week the horses are fast and the town even faster, flush with freewheelers and rowdy prancing. The merry-go-round of festivities is recorded in script and...

May 01, 1972 | Jackie Stewart

May 01, 1972
East is east and west is west, but eventually the twain will meet—in the Kentucky Derby, where the colts gather from around the land. Whitney Tower previews the big race.

May 01, 1972
Sylvia Cook and John Fairfax became the first persons to row across the Pacific when they arrived in Australia last week, after an 8,000-mile voyage from San Francisco in their $5,000 rowboat....

May 01, 1972 | Harold Peterson
Texas finally opened it—to joyous approval—as Frank Howard boomed a mighty home run and all of Ted Williams' transplants chipped in

May 01, 1972 | Jim Kaplan

May 01, 1972 | Gwilym S. Brown
The National Football League season will get underway four months early this year. Only the game they will be playing, which pits those high-flying owners against the rough, tough players, is...

May 01, 1972 | Whitney Tower
In California a colt named Quack trounced the best in the West, and elsewhere it rained cats and the Kentucky Derby colts ran like dogs

May 01, 1972 | J. Richard Munro
Moving unobtrusively through the festivities surrounding last year's Kentucky Derby was a conservatively dressed Floridian with a sketchbook and a look of amused curiosity. The fact that few...

May 01, 1972 | Dan Jenkins
Usually, when you pull the handle, it is a Nicklaus that pops up. But once in a great while the machine pays off on a Bobby Mitchell

May 01, 1972 | Sungyung Chang
To me mountaineering is always a very personal experience," said Naomi Uemura. "It is a test of myself, and one thing I loathe is to have to test myself in front of other people." The Japanese...

May 01, 1972 | Jerry Kirshenbaum

May 01, 1972
BASKETBALL—NBA: LOS ANGELES defeated Milwaukee 115-90 and 104-100 to win the Western Conference playoff finals four games to two, while NEW YORK took the Eastern finals four games to one, beating...

May 01, 1972
20—Fred Kaplan-Black Star22—Lane Stewart25—Mel DiGiacomo26—John D. Hanlon40—Franco Lini, Press Association42—G. Sipahioglu-IFOT45—Franco Lini56—AP, UPI77—Naomi Uemura80, 81—Gerry Cranham82,...

May 01, 1972
Jim Busby, a junior lefthander for Leesburg (Fla.) High and the son of the former major league outfielder, averaged 15 strikeouts a game and gave up no earned runs in compiling a 6-0 record. He...

May 01, 1972
ABA EASTSirs:Your April 17 article on the Nets (Making a Point—Playground Style) was beautiful. In that one article you gave the Nets more space than they have gotten in the three New York...