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June 12, 1972 | Volume 36, Issue 24

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Dick Allen Cover - Sports Illustrated June 12, 1972

June 12, 1972
GOLF—In the first all-English final in seven years TREVOR HOMER, a 28-year-old businessman, defeated 43-year-old Alan Thirlwell 4 and 3 to win the British Amateur championship in Sandwich, England.

June 12, 1972
5—Sheedy & Long21—Fred Kaplan-Black Star (2) Wil Blanche22, 23—John Iacono (2), Fred Kaplan-Black Star (2) Wil Blanche, Lane Stewart24—John D. Hanlon26—John Iacono62—Pictorial Parade,...

June 12, 1972
Allan Van Nostrand has coached the high school varsity tennis team in Bay Shore, N.Y. to 137 straight wins, including sectional playoffs, over the past seven years. The junior varsity, guided by...

June 12, 1972
THE JACOBS' ENTERPRISESirs:I was delighted to see your excellent article revealing the story about the dealings of the Jacobs family and Emprise Corporation (Look What Louie Wrought, May 29).

June 12, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

June 12, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Muhammad Ali: "You can see Joe Frazier's fights on home television. When I fight, they need four satellites to broadcast it."

June 12, 1972 | Ron Fimrite
From the beginning, it was apparent this would be no ordinary baseball season—particularly since it did not even begin at the beginning. The players' strike, which delayed opening day by more than...

June 12, 1972 | Hugh D. Whall
Pennsylvania killed an oarlock, but only the opposition paid the penalty. The hyped-up crew went off fast and was never headed as it ignored adversity and an Olympian snub to win the IRA

June 12, 1972 | Peter Carry
Clean-cut Johns Hopkins got the champagne, but it was the older and hipper boys from Virginia who had the last sip after taking the NCAA title on a late score

June 12, 1972 | Ron Reid
What has six tires and swims? The ubiquitous little All-Terrain Vehicle, which showed its special stuff in the national championship contest that mixed man and machine and a whole lot of Michigan mud

June 12, 1972
Key to the mint of money offered in the Belmont is usually in how the winner is trained. Horseman Elliott Burch is 3 for 3 in the classic. How will he do in '72?

June 12, 1972 | Bill Veeck

June 12, 1972 | J. Richard Munro
This week's story on the Monterey Peninsula was written by Sarah Pileggi, who has been with SPORTS ILLUSTRATED since 1961, in roles ranging from factual sleuth to friendly persuader. In recent...

June 12, 1972 | Sarah Pileggi

June 12, 1972 | Dan Jenkins
For the U.S. Open to move into Pebble Beach is sort of like the Supreme Court turning up in Marrakesh. The Open is usually just not that exotic. But this year it is going to look different, seem...

June 12, 1972
Has 1971's "most improved" woman golf pro, Janie Blalock, been improving something besides her game? Last week the pig-tailed pro, winner of $32,886 this year, was accused by the Ladies...

June 12, 1972 | Roy Blount Jr.
Blass is class and so are you if you heed the author's plea to do something about the terrible drought that has befallen baseball verse

June 12, 1972 | Harold Peterson

June 12, 1972 | Whitney Tower
Texan Bob Kleberg and thousands of fans is affection for Canonero, the wonder horse (above), though he seems not so wonderful anymore

June 12, 1972 | Kim Chapin
An elderly English professor of mine occasionally conducted our writing seminars on the patio of his house, hard by a woods on the outskirts of Nashville. One day, while we sipped beer and he...

June 12, 1972 | Charles Goren
While the open team competition for the world title will hold the spotlight at the World Bridge Olympiad beginning this week in Miami Beach (SI, June 5), insiders looking for the best chance for a...

June 12, 1972 | Pat Putnam
UCLA overwhelmed runner-up USC 82-49 to win the NCAA title in a meet that featured a Garrison finish and some disproportionate staggers

June 12, 1972 | Bil Gilbert

June 12, 1972 | Bil Gilbert
Like many other rich, famous folks, Smokey is treated respectfully and with an air of high seriousness by his associates. For example, a while back at a National Smokey Bear Workshop, a three-day...