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June 19, 1972 | Volume 36, Issue 25

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Bobby Hull Cover - Sports Illustrated June 19, 1972

June 19, 1972 | Robert F. Jones

June 19, 1972 | Whitney Tower
On a clear day Riva Ridge ran forever, leading from start to finish in the Belmont Stakes. But for a dislike of stormy weather and muddy tracks, he probably would have won the elusive Triple Crown

June 19, 1972 | Barry McDermott

June 19, 1972 | Mark Mulvoy
Following the example of other pro sports, an upstart league is betting $2 million it can swipe Bobby Hull from the established NHL and hack it out on the ice in a test of the continent's hockey...

June 19, 1972
The Olympic Games have grown so big that, like a protozoan, they have split in two. One half is the competition, the other the preparation. In the past six years Munich has spent $1 billion...

June 19, 1972
The open—and possibly shut—case for golf will be tried at Pebble Beach. Dan Jenkins is covering the 1972 tournament, where the gang will be after Jack Nicklaus again.

June 19, 1972 | Herman Weiskopf

June 19, 1972 | Dan Levin
It was a river "destined to bloody fame," wrote one Civil War historian of the quiet Rappahannock. Along its watercourse a nation nearly died; here Robert E. Lee camped, there Stonewall Jackson...

June 19, 1972 | Ron Fimrite
Reggie Jackson slugs the former and everybody sports the latter on his upper lip as the talent-rich Oakland A's rip through their division

June 19, 1972 | Ron Reid

June 19, 1972 | J. Richard Munro
Artist Hans-Georg Rauch grew up amid the moral and physical rubble of a defeated Germany. Like many of his creative contemporaries—Author Günter Grass comes immediately to mind—Rauch drew from his...

June 19, 1972 | Pat Putnam
George Woods, Randy Matson or Al Feuerbach should win the shot at the Olympics—unless one of three East Germans puts them to shame

June 19, 1972 | Virginia Kraft
Waterfowl pigs can root their way all through Mexico, where laws are lax and the sky is the limit

June 19, 1972 | Jack Olsen

June 19, 1972
BOATING—SANDY SATULLO, a 50-year-old rookie from Fairview Park, Ohio, averaged a record 72 mph in his 36-foot Cigarette Copper Kettle to win the Bahamas 500 by 22 minutes over Bob Magoon, the...

June 19, 1972
6—drawing by Dick Gangel18, 19—Neil Leifer36-43—John f. Jaqua54—Wil Blanche65—Sheedy & Long

June 19, 1972
Scott Martin, an Academic All-America guard on the Oklahoma basketball team, became the first player ever to win four Big Eight singles tennis championships. He also gained four doubles titles as...

June 19, 1972
HAPPINESS IN THE NL WESTSirs:I congratulate William Leggett on a fine article about the Houston Astros of 1972 (Here Come the Happiness Boys, June 5). It has been a long time since something great...

June 19, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
VOTE NOThe people who control sport—this means players' unions as well as owners, interested fans as well as commissioners—will make a grievous error if they go along with recent proposals for the...

June 19, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Alan Eagleson, executive director of the NHL Players' Association, discussing the lack of parity in the expanded NHL: "The only thing tougher than getting four tickets for a Montreal-Boston game...

June 19, 1972 | Jonathan Yardley
That erstwhile environmental tabby cat, the Sierra Club, has grown fangs in the last couple of years and has begun to prowl the countryside like a tiger. And, in keeping with the new mood of...

June 19, 1972 | John C. Devlin