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July 03, 1972 | Volume 37, Issue 1

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Steve Blass Cover - Sports Illustrated July 03, 1972

July 03, 1972 | William Leggett

July 03, 1972 | Hugh D. Whall
Out of a storm-tossed fleet came the coolest crew on the ocean to seize a classic race for England

July 03, 1972 | William Johnson
In what may have been their last appearance as a team, those wily Italians, the Kings of the Cards, easily topped the Aces and the rest of the pack to win the bridge Olympiad and their 13th world...

July 03, 1972 | Jack Nicklaus

July 03, 1972
Those wonderful folks who brought you Indy are at it again, this time with a fast 500 miles in the hills of Pennsylvania. Bob Jones will be with them at Pocono Raceway.

July 03, 1972 | Curry Kirkpatrick
After a numbing fortnight of play, the U.S. Olympic basketball team was selected last week. It is young, balanced and brash, just the sort of club to put down the strong threat from abroad

July 03, 1972 | Jerry Kirshenbaum

July 03, 1972
Pity the Olympic Games visitor who would like to sample everything. Some of the stiffest, brightest competition will be 600 miles north of Munich on the windy Baltic Sea near Kiel, the...

July 03, 1972
Boris Spassky, the Russian world chess champion, has been a paragon of restraint in the preliminary skirmishing (most of it by Bobby Fischer) over the upcoming matches in Iceland. During an...

July 03, 1972 | Ted O'Leary
The bats of two outfielders have begun to sweeten a very sour year

July 03, 1972 | Ron Reid

July 03, 1972 | Barry McDermott
And that's the way it usually is. Just when Tom Kite thinks he has won, along comes his Texas teammate Ben Crenshaw to steal the glory

July 03, 1972 | J. Richard Munro
Like a camera focusing on its subject, the staff of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED has spent much of the last year bringing into sharper view the sprawling complexities of the 1972 Olympics. By late August,...

July 03, 1972 | Jule Campbell
Or the bluing or pinkening or perhaps yellowing. In September, color comes to tennis clothes at the U.S. Open; in the meantime, there is plenty else going on that would have made Queen Victoria faint

July 03, 1972 | Roger Rapoport
Kill or cure? New Mexico wants to know more about a lethal tree-eradication program in progress

July 03, 1972 | Joe Marshall
The game of duckpins is an acquired taste. Invented around the turn of the century by John J. McGraw and Uncle Wilbert Robinson, the baseball managers ("Lookit, they scatter just like ducks," one...

July 03, 1972 | John Underwood

July 03, 1972
BOATING—NORYEMA, a 48-foot sloop owned by Ron Amey and skippered by Ted Hicks, both of England, won the 635-mile Bermuda race (page 18).

July 03, 1972
18—Richard Meek19—Eric Schweikardt24—AP31—Rich Clarkson32-35—John Iacono42—London Daily Express-Pictorial Parade, AP44—John D. Hanlon46—Lane Stewart58, 59—Rich Clarkson (4), Neil Leifer, Tony...

July 03, 1972
Martha Van Voorst, 17, a junior at Sehome High in Bellingham, Wash., broke by three points the world ladies' archery record set in 1967 by Nancy Myrick of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. when she scored 308...

July 03, 1972
BEGINNINGS OF AN ICE WARSirs:In reference to Mark Mulvoy's article Hockey's Turn to Wage a War (June 19), if Bobby Hull wants to jump over to the WHA, let him go. I live in a minor league hockey...

July 03, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

July 03, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Pete Rozelle, on the proposed federal sports commission: "It simply would not be possible to establish rules which could be applied fairly and reasonably to sports in general. Anyone who tried to...

July 03, 1972 | Stephanie Salter
At a time when anyone with a dozen clippings and a little ink from the wire services can get his life story between hard covers, the "exclusive, authorized" biography of George Blanda, Blanda...

July 03, 1972 | Fred Eisenstadt
To people who followed boxing in the 1920s and 1930s, the name Young Stribling evokes images of unfulfilled promise, of blazing talent cleft by tragedy. His given name was William Lawrence...