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July 31, 1972 | Volume 37, Issue 5

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Robyn Smith Cover - Sports Illustrated July 31, 1972

July 31, 1972 | Ron Fimrite

July 31, 1972 | Hugh D. Whall
It was America's Bob Magoon and Italy's Vincenzo Balestrieri nose-to-stern in a roaring duel when one boat flew, the other took sick, and a 51-year-old rookie surprisingly won it all in a Kettle

July 31, 1972 | Dan Levin

July 31, 1972
It is summer, and the voice of the coach is heard in our land. His exhortations are designed to drive a team to the Super Bowl, a journey that for every NFL player begins with timed 40-yard...

July 31, 1972
Galaxies of all stars from the worlds of baseball and football, holding their extravaganzas for the first time in the same week, will be covered by fast-moving Ron Fimrite.

July 31, 1972 | Rick Telander

July 31, 1972 | J. Richard Munro
Every year about this time, we can anticipate the arrival of at least one or two letters that read something like this: "Listen, with all the activity in baseball, auto racing, track and field,...

July 31, 1972
Assistant Professor Tommie Smith, in England recently to compete in the World Professional Sprint Championship, stopped by to pay his respects and extend apologies to the Marquess of Exeter. It...

July 31, 1972 | Barry McDermott
Hot Sparky Lyle was considered too special for the All-Star Game

July 31, 1972

July 31, 1972 | Kim Chapin
Bobby Allison is not exactly Old Man Racer, but he proved once again in the Dixie 500 that stock-car victories usually go to the veterans

July 31, 1972 | Steve Englund
This year's Tour de France was a man-eater. Everyone sensed it from the beginning. Twenty-four hundred miles in 20 uneven laps—more than half of them in rugged mountains, some of which had not...

July 31, 1972 | Pamela Knight
The Mets' injured Rusty Staub, slugger and saucier extraordinary, finds some solace in the kitchen

July 31, 1972 | Pat Putnam
As arguments flared in the aftermath of this year's Roosevelt International, it became clear that the only way to calm down the dispute was to stage a separate three-horse showdown—winner take...

July 31, 1972 | Frank Deford
She was lovely; perhaps she still is. Obsessed, and surely she remains that. A woman scorned, but now—her talent thoroughly established—she rightfully can scorn. And does. She is Robyn Smith. Or...

July 31, 1972
AUTO RACING—BOBBY ALLISON took the lead with 143 miles left and easily won the Dixie 500 stock-car race, in Hampton, Ga. (page 44).

July 31, 1972
14, 15—John D. Hanlon (4), Herb Scharfman16, 17—John D. Hanlon (3), Herb Scharfman (2)40—AP, UPI42—Herb Scharfman44, 47—Leviton-Atlanta48—Presse Sports67—Independence Examiner, Fred J....

July 31, 1972
Rich Howard, a 25-year-old bank vice-president from Independence, Mo., rolled a three-game 864 series, the second highest in state bowling history, in an inter-city league event. The games of...

July 31, 1972
Sirs:We took the Bil Gilbert (July 17) with us—torn out of the magazine to save weight—to read during our bivouac at 7,600 feet as part of a north-side summit attempt on Mount Hood last weekend....

July 31, 1972 | Edited by Martin Kane

July 31, 1972 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Bill Yeoman, University of Houston football coach, after opening ceremonies at a Pittsburgh Coach of the Year clinic, which was addressed by a conglomerate of sport celebrities, a priest and the...

July 31, 1972 | Erwin L. Breithold
Anyone who has watched his favorite baseball team wallow through the late innings of a hopelessly lost game knows the feeling perfectly. Does one leave now and escape further humiliation, or wait...