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August 07, 1972 | Volume 37, Issue 6

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Larry Csonka Cover - Sports Illustrated August 07, 1972

August 07, 1972 | Ron Fimrite

August 07, 1972 | Robert F. Jones
And yes, indeed, Al Unser does know Joe Leonard, who is on the same team and who also was in the Pocono 500. What Unser did not know when he got the trophy was that Joe had really won the race

August 07, 1972 | William Johnson
Tennis has a pair of ringing new rivalries: U.S. vs. Australia and Chris Evert vs. Evonne Goolagong. Though the Aussies won the title, Chris scored the sweetest victory by getting even with Evonne

August 07, 1972 | Myron Cope

August 07, 1972 | John Underwood

August 07, 1972
Regeared and Humming, Cincinnati's Big Red Machine is threatening to blitz the National League West. William Leggett reports on the Reds' pennant romp-in-the-making.

August 07, 1972
They all dream of finding the perfect plane gathering dust out there somewhere in an old barn, buying it for $1,000 or so, then restoring it to flying condition with loving applications of fabric,...

August 07, 1972 | Sherwood Kohn
Every man, to some degree, is a victim of his childhood fantasies. For many who are now in their 40s and 50s the dreams had wings; wings and names like Waco and Monocoupe, Lindbergh and Earhart,...

August 07, 1972 | Harold Peterson
The batting leader enjoys his odd obscurity, but fame is coming

August 07, 1972 | Mark Mulvoy

August 07, 1972 | William Barry Furlong
Maverick Alex MacArthur, who now presides over Illinois racing, is turning up scandalous doings

August 07, 1972 | J. Richard Munro
We welcome back in this issue a byline not seen in SI for some time. With his piece on golf's National Team Championship (page 22), Myron Cope makes his first appearance in these pages since the...

August 07, 1972 | Hugh D. Whall
An editor moonlights a racy little boat, the Laser, and lo, bonanza!

August 07, 1972 | Robert F. Jones

August 07, 1972
ARCHERY—DENNIS CLINE of Geneva, Ill. won the national barebow championship by outshooting defending champion David Hughes 2,616-2,614 in Ludlow, Mass.

August 07, 1972
5—John D. Hanlon14—Herb Scharfman15—Heinz Kluetmeier16, 17—Walter Iooss Jr.18—Lane Stewart19—John Iacono20—Tony Tomsic23, 24—John D. Hanlon28, 29—Walter Iooss Jr.30, 31—John Iacono42—Herb...

August 07, 1972
Sue Pirtle, a 19-year-old draftswoman for an architectural firm in Stonewall, Okla., won the all-round championship at the All-Girls Rodeo in Burnet, Texas. In winning the title for the second...

August 07, 1972
THE MAKING OF A PITCHERSirs:This Met fan congratulates you for your excellent article on the abilities of our Tom Seaver (Tom Terrific and His Mystic Talent, July 24). The crisp, lucid style of...

August 07, 1972 | Edited by Martin Kane

August 07, 1972 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Jerry West, Los Angeles Laker star, on Wilt Chamberlain's million-dollar mansion: "Someday when he is ready to sell, I'm sure a madam will buy it."