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September 11, 1972 | Volume 37, Issue 11

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Bob DeVaney Cover - Sports Illustrated September 11, 1972

September 11, 1972
AUTO RACING—EMERSON FITTIPALDI of Brazil drove his Lotus to victory in Europe's richest race, the $125,000 Rothmans 50,000 at Brands Hatch, England (page 85).

September 11, 1972
Cover—Neil Leifer except upper right, Rich Clarkson20—Neil Leifer23—Heinz Kluetmeier (2), James Drake24, 25—Heinz Kluetmeier, Neil Leifer26—Neil Leifer (2), Heinz Kluetmeier (2), Jerry...

September 11, 1972
Arnie Kvarnberg, 19, of Seattle, pitched his team to victory in the Senior Babe Ruth World Series in Monroe, N.C. Undefeated in 32 decisions over three seasons, Kvarnberg set four series records,...

September 11, 1972
POSITIVE THINKINGSirs:A few nights ago I was barely able to pick up a Detroit station and hear the Tigers snuff out a ninth-inning Oakland rally. Earlier in the afternoon I had seen Dick Allen,...

September 11, 1972 | Edited by Martin Kane

September 11, 1972 | Edited by Martin Kane
•Pepper Rodgers, UCLA football coach, asked about the progress of his team: "We've been working out in shorts, and I'd have to say we look great in shorts. Unfortunately, we're not going to be...

September 11, 1972 | Mark Mulvoy

September 11, 1972 | Pat Putnam

September 11, 1972 | Jerry Kirshenbaum
The Munich tabloid referred to Mark Spitz last week as Mark , which may not have any special ring in the original but translates into the well-nigh perfect nickname of Mark the Shark. As Spitz...

September 11, 1972
Pro Football begins with scouting reports, Tex Maule's season rundown and in-depth views of Oakland Tackle Boomer Brown and the Cowboys' coach, Tom Landry.

September 11, 1972 | Larry Evans

September 11, 1972 | Dan Jenkins
Everybody guns for Nebraska, which goes after its third straight national football championship. But there isn't a coach in the country who would not like to be confronted with Bob Devaney's problem

September 11, 1972
Fried chicken on a quilt and bourbon in a fruit jar. Bonfires piled as high as cranes can lift the debris. Girls on parade. As the leaves turn and fall, so do the aspirations of a team and a...

September 11, 1972

September 11, 1972
Army, Navy and Air Force can play for an inter-academy championship this season because the joint chiefs of the athletic staffs have finally put together a round-robin schedule. Unfortunately,...

September 11, 1972 | J. Richard Munro
The 1972 College Football Issue, like its predecessors, is hewn from hundreds of pages of reports, analyses, team and conference brochures and plenty of first-person interviews with coaches and...

September 11, 1972
With the exception of Arkansas and Texas, slated to finish one and two, the Southwest will be a conference in transition. Four new coaches out of eight promises uneven performance and...

September 11, 1972 | Larry Keith
Cynics believe that national championships, even the small-college variety, can be won only by football factories. They should take a close look at the University of Delaware. Last year the Blue...

September 11, 1972 | Larry Keith
When it is summer and there is a game to be played the next day, the only person Carlton Fisk wants to see late at night is the sandman, and even he had better keep it down. Boston's All-Star...

September 11, 1972 | Ron Fimrite

September 11, 1972 | Brock Yates
Emerson Fittipaldi proved himself the fastest there was at Brands Hatch, which would mean a lot more if he had not also been all there was

September 11, 1972 | John Underwood

September 11, 1972 | David Lampe
The annals of World War II prison camps are abundant with tales of daring or bizarre escape attempts, but few can match the adventure of Felice Benuzzi, an Italian colonial civil servant, for...