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October 30, 1972 | Volume 37, Issue 18

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Dave Buckey Cover - Sports Illustrated October 30, 1972

October 30, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

October 30, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•John Riggins, New York Jet running back from Kansas, asked what his biggest adjustment was in the switch from college to pro football: "Learning to drive in New York City."

October 30, 1972 | William Leggett

October 30, 1972 | Dan Jenkins

October 30, 1972 | Tex Maule

October 30, 1972 | Edwin Shrake

October 30, 1972 | Rick Telander

October 30, 1972 | John A. Meyers
Keys to the Kingdom, the story on page 76, is an excerpt from Frank Deford's forthcoming novel, Cut 'n' Run, and you may have noted that another novel by one of our staff members, Dan Jenkins'...

October 30, 1972 | Jule Campbell
Something old and blue plus something borrowed now equals something new. Ski wear is home-on-the-range since the kids started from the bottom, so to speak, with jeans

October 30, 1972
Had 4-year-old Sparky Sipolt known he was going to get kissed by a lady in public, he never would have taken up daredevil driving. His expression says it all: Yucch! Son of Louis Sipolt, a...

October 30, 1972 | Roy Blount Jr.
Now wait a minute. Oklahoma visits Colorado. That's the Mighty Sooners vs. the Disappointing Buffaloes, right? Oklahoma, with a defense that has yet to permit a touchdown and the Big Eight's top...

October 30, 1972 | Joe Jares

October 30, 1972 | Joe Jares
THE BACK: Purdue's 5'11", 197-pound senior halfback, Otis Armstrong, who gained 233 yards in 32 carries against Northwestern, including touchdown runs of 54 and 53 yards, and set three school...

October 30, 1972 | Robert F. Jones
It was so cold in Amarillo that the rattlesnakes moved south, but the nation's top drag racers heated up the scene with a classic Texas showdown for the world championship at 200-plus miles an hour

October 30, 1972 | Mark Mulvoy
Just as the young hockey season was getting to be unbelievable with such absurd happenings as the Buffalo Sabres and the Detroit Red Wings skating along undefeated, the ice melting in...

October 30, 1972 | Frank Deford

October 30, 1972
BASEBALL—Oakland won the World Series, beating Cincinnati four games to three (page 20).

October 30, 1972
21—Tony Triolo, Neil Leifer (2)22, 23—Walter Iooss Jr.24—Walter Iooss Jr., Tony Triolo (2), Neil Leifer27—Walter Iooss Jr.28—Tony Tomsic, Jerry Cabluck29—John D. Hanlon, John Iacono30—Heinz...

October 30, 1972
Jeff Eppley, a senior at West Liberty State College (W. Va.), suffered a shoulder separation kicking off to West Virginia State in a game which ended 14-14 in regulation time. He then kicked a...

October 30, 1972
HOOPS AND HOLLERSSirs:Regarding your pro basketball preview (Oct. 16), I must take exception to your "Three Clubs vs. One Kneecap" heading for the NBA Atlantic Division, and the "Super Division"...