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November 20, 1972 | Volume 37, Issue 21

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Terry Davis Cover - Sports Illustrated November 20, 1972

November 20, 1972
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: The Philadelphia story was a sad one as the 76ers lost to the Knicks to tie a league record of 15 straight losses at the beginning of a season. But then the 76ers visited Texas...

November 20, 1972
28, 29—Walter Iooss Jr.32—AP, Gerry Cranham44, 45—Carl Iwasaki72—Popperfoto-Pictorial Parade, Russ Russell82—UPI88—John D. Hanlon92-95—Lane Stewart109—Flint Studio (1)

November 20, 1972
Forrest Perkins, football coach at Wisconsin State University at Whitewater, recorded his 100th career win for the second time. Five other victories were forfeited last year when the Warhawks...

November 20, 1972
WASHINGTON VS. NEW YORKSirs:Roy Blount's superfluous adulation of the Redskins (The Good Humor Men, Nov. 6) was positively vulgar! After reading his article, one might judge that the Giants were a...

November 20, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

November 20, 1972 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Roy Rubin, coach of the Philadelphia 76ers, after his team lost for the 13th time in its season-opening 15-game losing streak: "I don't think anybody in the world wants to be 0 and anything, let...

November 20, 1972 | Hugh D. Whall
A new season begins and the man who rules U.S. powerboat racing receives a rare vessel. He says thanks by winning a Key West thriller

November 20, 1972 | Roy Blount Jr.
When last seen, Terry Davis and his Crimson Tide were rolling on, while bits of LSU were strewn over the field

November 20, 1972
College Basketball reopens with the traditional cast of characters—called UCLA—and a play entitled Freshmen Eligible. First-year students will turn rankings upside down before the season ends,...

November 20, 1972 | Mark Mulvoy
At least for the time being. Just another expansion patsy until this year, Buffalo's icemen have hacked their way high in the standings with a fiery young line, a cool old defenseman and a...

November 20, 1972 | Kenny Moore

November 20, 1972 | Jerry Kirshenbaum

November 20, 1972 | John A. Meyers
On page 81 you will find Edwin Shrake's account of the Monzon-Briscoe fight in Buenos Aires, the second—and perhaps second most interesting—fight held in that city recently, the other being...

November 20, 1972
The idea is to plant a ski resort and let it grow along a mountainside with as little ecological upset as possible, knowing full well that the environmentalists—with good reason—stand poised to...

November 20, 1972 | William Johnson
They are proliferating now at almost the same frenetic pace that once introduced fast-food eateries and all-night laundromats. Find a hill with a dependable blanket of snow (or maybe a winter's...

November 20, 1972
The Warriors, not one of the shortest basketball teams around, logically went to the Rochester Clothing Store in San Francisco, perhaps the best-known big-men's outfitter in the Weft, to get new...

November 20, 1972 | Pamela Knight
There is an extraordinary boom in custom-made hunting knives—largely created by buyers who will never bloody a blade. Although serious hunters are well served, most of the new beauties go to...

November 20, 1972

November 20, 1972
THE BACK: Tony Adams of Utah State, the nation's third leading passer, broke the NCAA single-game record with 561 yards in the rout of Utah. In his last two games he has completed 62 of 90 for 967...

November 20, 1972 | Larry Keith
The pursuit of victory by America's football coaches produced a triumph for martyred causes last Saturday. Turning a season's adversity to their own advantage, Duffy Daugherty, Tom Harper and Al...

November 20, 1972 | Edwin Shrake

November 20, 1972 | Ron Reid
First favored this season, then all but written off as too long in the tooth, the veteran Vikings hung on like a common cold Sunday to beat Detroit, and now they are back in the thick of the...

November 20, 1972 | Frank Deford

November 20, 1972 | Lawrence A. Armour
The Jack Kent Cookes and Lamar Hunts own the lion's share of most sports operations, but a dozen or so franchises have cut the public in for a piece of the action and more are expected to follow suit.

November 20, 1972 | David Lampe
It was the war all over again in 1952 when the Germans came back to Le Mans after nearly 20 years, driving their big powerful cars and plotting another humiliating French defeat