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January 15, 1973 | Volume 38, Issue 2

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Doug Collins Cover - Sports Illustrated January 15, 1973

January 15, 1973 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

January 15, 1973 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Frank Shorter, America's first Olympic marathon gold medal winner since 1908, explaining why he is not surprised that President Nixon has never called him: "Football players and coaches may get...

January 15, 1973 | Dan Jenkins

January 15, 1973 | Curry Kirkpatrick

January 15, 1973 | Tex Maule
One thing that will not be a major factor in Super Bowl VII is age. Despite all the to-do about the ancient and decrepit Redskins, they are really not that much older than the fresh and youthful...

January 15, 1973 | Joe Marshall

January 15, 1973
The no-names and the Venerable Vandals meet: Brown vs. Csonka, Griese vs. Kilmer, Taylor vs. Warfield. It's Washington and Miami. It's Super Bowl VII and Tex Maule.

January 15, 1973
Sailing on water is one of the slowest—and most popular—forms of locomotion known to sporting man. Sailing on land is one of the swiftest. Although land sailing has been known at least since the...

January 15, 1973 | Edwin Shrake

January 15, 1973
Dave Edwards is the least publicized of the Dallas Cowboy linebackers, and a writer for the Dallas News decided to do something about it. He called the Edwards home and Edwards' wife Gail took...

January 15, 1973 | John A. Meyers
If he were trying out for a role in a newspaper drama, Curry Kirkpatrick would be cast as a copyboy or, with luck, a cub reporter. But despite his youthful appearance and the beachboy-blond hair,...

January 15, 1973 | Barry McDermott
The desert-loving New Mexicans were swinging along in the national limelight until some Arizona freshmen rose up to put out their fire

January 15, 1973 | Herman Weiskopf

January 15, 1973 | Mark Mulvoy
With the big big one, Bobby Hull, lost and gone, the Hawks' Stan Mikita is under heavy pressure. Against the rival North Stars he excelled

January 15, 1973 | Frank E. Kilroe
The sport isn't what it used to be. But can it be rejuvenated? The head of racing in California provides a prescription for a cure

January 15, 1973 | Jeannette Bruce
With her head in the clouds, she set off to solo. Then the exhilarating and eerie adventure died on the wind

January 15, 1973
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: The Los Angeles Lakers did not lose three straight games during the entire 1971-72 season, but last week was a rocky one for the Pacific Division leader when it dropped its...

January 15, 1973
6—James Drake11—Herb Scharfman13—Sheedy & Long14, 15—Martin Mills, Sheedy & Long16—Tony Tomsic, Sheedy & Long17—Carl Iwasaki, Lane Stewart18, 19—John Iacono, Jerry Cabluck, Carl...

January 15, 1973
Creed Carter Sadler, 12, a seventh-grader at Emmaus(Pa.) Junior High, won three Grand Championship awards in horse shows in 1972. He also took blue ribbons in two AHSA medal classes and won Year...

January 15, 1973
SPORTSMAN AND SPORTSWOMANSirs:I can't believe it. You blew the whole ball of wax in an Olympic year by naming John Who and Mrs. Women's Liberation as Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year (Dec....