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February 19, 1973 | Volume 38, Issue 7

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Wilt Chamberlain Cover - Sports Illustrated February 19, 1973

February 19, 1973 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle

February 19, 1973 | Edited by Robert H. Boyle
•Coach Al Attles of the Golden State Warriors, on ways to stop Nate Archibald, the NBA's leading scorer: "We have 44 defenses for him but he has 45 ways to score."

February 19, 1973 | Peter Carry

February 19, 1973 | Herman Weiskopf
And what came to weighty Chris Taylor, Iowa State's colossus of Olympic wrestling renown, was his 34th straight victory as he helped the West put a hammerlock on the East

February 19, 1973 | William Leggett
A modern namesake of the old orchard activist goes head to head with seven other renowned harness-racing drivers to give the sport some Southern comfort, and he triumphs at the wire in the crucial...

February 19, 1973 | Pat Putnam

February 19, 1973
Top dogs on the hockey scene this year are the centers. Mark Mulvoy finds the wings, on the outside, less effective as he looks over young players shaping up as new stars.

February 19, 1973 | Kim Chapin

February 19, 1973 | Jule Campbell
The Acapulco Princess hotel, built by U.S. billionaire Daniel K. Ludwig and $45 million, is a splendid ziggurat rising from 200 acres of Mexico's gold coast 12 miles north of Acapulco. The...

February 19, 1973 | Walter Bingham
It has been another rugged day on the courts for Bill Sweeney, the head tennis pro at the Acapulco Princess. Now, at sundown, showered and dressed in white loafers, white slacks and a black and...

February 19, 1973 | Jeannette Bruce

February 19, 1973 | John A. Meyers
In any form of journalism, news, almost by definition, is people. Since we are a sports magazine, the odd dog. horse, boat or fish will make our pages from time to time, but by and large the...

February 19, 1973
Miami Beach grade school principal Dr. Von Beebe, 32, had always had what he called "this Walter Mitty thing" about boxing. Spurred on by some of his pupils, Beebe entered the Golden Gloves...

February 19, 1973 | Joe Jares
Until Christmas, St. John's season looked like a downer. Then they won a holiday tournament and have been rolling through the East ever since

February 19, 1973 | Barry McDermott

February 19, 1973 | Tex Maule
Jerry Quarry was to be the first big test for undefeated Ron Lyle. Well, what happened is that Lyle flunked

February 19, 1973 | Dan Levin
At the University of Wisconsin they play a wild kind of hockey. Enter Madison's Dane County Coliseum on game night and, as events progress, ask yourself these questions: Is this a sport or is it...

February 19, 1973 | Ron Reid
One of these awakening days, when the world is ready to admit that Ralph Nader really does not have his mitt in some till and that Tuesday Weld is a fine actress despite her noisome name, Valery...

February 19, 1973 | Whitney Tower
Easterners question the talent of Charlie Whittingham, yet...

February 19, 1973 | John Underwood
For a decade Jack Nicklaus lost fans to fat and Arnold Palmer. Despite his extraordinary record, he was the spoiler. But now that he has become golf's leading man, life is fun (and family games)

February 19, 1973
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: In increments of some 24 hours, the Philadelphia 76ers continued to outdo themselves. With each loss they broke their own league record—20 straight after a 108-90 setback at...

February 19, 1973

February 19, 1973
John Naber, 17, Of Menlo Park, Calif., set a Pacific Association record with a 1:52.5 clocking in the 200-yard backstroke. Naber, a member of the Ladera Oaks Aquatic Club, holds records in the...

February 19, 1973
Sirs:For a long time I have enjoyed your excellent writer Curry Kirkpatrick and his articles on college basketball. His most recent, on UCLA ( Feb. 5), was the finest I have ever read. I am also...

February 19, 1973 | M. R. Werner
If you are an owner, trainer, jockey, spectator and/or bettor, you will enjoy an excursion around the racing world with David Hedges and Photographer Fred Mayer. Their exhaustive, well-illustrated...

February 19, 1973 | J. A. Maxtone Graham
In Radnorshire, Wales the River Wye still tumbles along a rocky course by the town of Rhayader, where the salmon fight their way upstream. There in the misty darkness of an autumn night in 1880 a...