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March 19, 1973 | Volume 38, Issue 11

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Olga Korbut Cover - Sports Illustrated March 19, 1973

March 19, 1973
PRO BASKETBALL—NBA: It was steady as she goes with all four division leaders—Boston, Baltimore, Milwaukee and Los Angeles—finishing the week as securely as they began. Finding little competition...

March 19, 1973
24—Jerry Cooke, Neil Leifer25—Jerry Cooke26, 27—Jerry Cooke (3), Neil Leifer28, 29—Walter Iooss Jr.30—Carl Iwasaki, Eric Schweikardt, Bruce Roberts-Rapho Guillumette, Dick Raphael52—Sheedy &...

March 19, 1973
Julie Ann Sapp, a high school sophomore from Fishers, Ind. and seven-time state AAU girls diving champ, became the first girl to compete with boys under the sanction of the state athletic...

March 19, 1973
Sirs:Ah, here it was Friday, the day SI arrives. Home from work, I burst through the door, grabbed the March 5 issue, unfolded it and...what greeted my astounded eyes? The No, it was SPORTS...

March 19, 1973 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

March 19, 1973 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Golden Richards, Dallas Cowboys' second draft choice, asked where he got the name Golden: "My mother and father gave it to me."

March 19, 1973 | Martha Duffy
Olga Korbut, the girl of tears and triumph at the Olympics, is off on a tour of the U.S., star attraction of the Soviet women's gymnastic team

March 19, 1973 | Roy Blount Jr.
With Roberto Clemente gone, Pittsburgh's fielding problems are manifold. Go-go bats must compensate for so-so gloves

March 19, 1973 | Curry Kirkpatrick

March 19, 1973 | Curry Kirkpatrick
The Bruins have won the NCAA eight times in nine years. Had freshmen been eligible in 1966 it could have been a sweep.

March 19, 1973 | Robert F. Jones

March 19, 1973 | Jim Simons
To a professional golfer, a players' card is a passport to the tour. Without it he is not eligible to compete, at least not regularly. Even with a card he is not necessarily in, for he must still...

March 19, 1973
How did American prisoners of war kill time? By playing imaginary golf, imaginary football and imaginary chess, it seems. Colonel George Hall of Hattiesburg, Miss, says he played 18 holes of golf...

March 19, 1973 | Joe Jares
In the insurance capital of the U.S., Ken Rosewall and Roy Emerson continued an Australian policy and collected the World Cup once again

March 19, 1973 | Peter Carry
Lenny Wilkens is a skinny little man with no jump shot and a hairstyle by Dagwood Bumstead. He plays guard with one hand—his left—better than all but a few other pros do with two. "Lenny plays his...

March 19, 1973 | Whitney Tower
It was everything a horse race should be and too few are: a pounding, gritty homestretch fight, a victory by inches, and then a lingering stewards' inquiry before 60,000 anxious fans knew who had...

March 19, 1973 | Herman Weiskopf
Little Clarion State gags it up to relax, but there is nothing funny about its performance on the mat, where it won three NCAA championships

March 19, 1973 | Robert Cantwell

March 19, 1973 | Michael Olmert
So you like the Knicks? Or the Rangers? But you came to New York and can't get into Madison Square Garden to see the game of your cherce? Relax. First of all, as far as basketball is concerned,...

March 19, 1973 | Edwin Hoag
Charles Abner Powell gave us the rain check, Ladies' Day and one of the winningest minor league teams of its era