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April 09, 1973 | Volume 38, Issue 14

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Steve Carlton Cover - Sports Illustrated April 09, 1973

April 09, 1973 | Russell Chatham
Early spring can be a dreary time for the California fly-fisherman, but if he keeps a rod handy, herring can light up a dull and chilly day

April 09, 1973 | Ron Reid
The Bruins crushed highly ranked Kansas and Tennessee in a triangular meet to take dead aim on their third straight national collegiate title

April 09, 1973 | Sarah Pileggi
To find out who shot what when at Augusta, just ask Bill Inglish

April 09, 1973 | Frank Deford

April 09, 1973 | Jonathan Yardley
To the small body of baseball literature of genuine quality must now be added The Man Who Invented Baseball (Scribners, $7.95) by SPORTS ILLUSTRATED'S Harold Peterson

April 09, 1973
BOWLING—JIM GODMAN outrolled Barry Asher 224-200 to win the $125,000 Firestone Tournament of Champions in Akron (page 94).

April 09, 1973
5—Walter Iooss Jr.25—Tony Triolo, Herb Scharfman26, 27—Herb Scharfman, Rich Clarkson, Walter Iooss Jr.30, 31—John Iacono40, 41—Lynn Pelham-Kay Reese Associates63-79—illustrations by Pierre...

April 09, 1973
Katherine Holman, 9, of Houston, won the 10-and-under Southern AAU trampoline championships in Lafayette, La. Katherine, a third-grader at Meadowood Elementary School, received scores of 9.15 on...

April 09, 1973
RUNNING REDSirs:Ken Dryden did an excellent job (The Rinks Were Running Red, March 26) on his diary of the Team Canada-Russia ice hockey games. The article was as humorous and suspenseful as Jim...

April 09, 1973 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer

April 09, 1973 | Edited by Robert W. Creamer
•Tim Wood, Indianapolis high school senior, who broke the world record for consecutive sit-ups with 15,525 in 10 hours, asked what he wanted to do when he finished: "Go to the bathroom."

April 09, 1973 | William Leggett

April 09, 1973 | Dan Levin
Few saw the punch, but it was obvious that for all of Muhammad's courage a Whodoyoucallim named Norton had cracked his armor

April 09, 1973
Who can stop Nicklaus at Augusta? Maybe Trevino, if he can master the course, or even Palmer, if he putts. Tom Weiskopf? Or no one at all? Dan Jenkins reports the Masters.

April 09, 1973 | Jane Gross
College basketball's other best player is Theresa Shank, a tall, deadly shooter whose all-round performance brought a second straight national title to Immaculata College, the real UCLA of the East

April 09, 1973 | Robert F. Jones

April 09, 1973 | Jerry Kirshenbaum

April 09, 1973 | John A. Meyers
William Leggett is a marked man, but then he always is, one way or another, come spring. For 10 years now he has been writing baseball for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, which means he spends his March days...

April 09, 1973 | Dick Young
The men who own the game are hurting their sport—usually for the simplest of reasons, contends the noted columnist for the New York 'Daily News.' They don't know what it is they're selling

April 09, 1973
When baseball's believers gather for services they are in a sense assembled on the slope of a volcano. For a time it is very, very peaceful, and then suddenly it is very, very hot. No sporting...

April 09, 1973
With rare compassion, baseball moved not a single franchise between seasons, and though Leo Durocher's lips have not yet been beaten into plowshares one may anticipate a summer of labor peace. But...

April 09, 1973
Fairly bubbling with intellectual ferment, the managers in this precinct are not content with merely flashing bunt signs or bolstering wounded psyches with paternal pats on the behind. No, here...

April 09, 1973
Here they come again—Detroit, Boston, Baltimore and New York-promising another merry brawl for the division title. Detroit won in 1972 on the next to last day of the season. Can the Tigers repeat?...

April 09, 1973
The competitors have been tinkering resolutely, replacing worn-out parts, overhauling tired motors, installing steel-belted radials, but the Big Red Machine still looks like the best-engineered...

April 09, 1973
Despite Pittsburgh's runaway victory, this division drew more paying fans last season—8,543,000—than any other. This year there could be a real race and a zillion more customers as the Pirates go...

April 09, 1973 | Ron Fimrite

April 09, 1973 | John Carol
Watching baseball on television is like going to church with a hangover," observes one restless veteran of the long wait between pitches. "You are so anxious for it to end you wonder why you're...

April 09, 1973
The Montreal Canadiens were sitting around the lobby of their Detroit hotel when who should walk in but Wilt Chamberlain. "Put a pair of skates on him and you'd have quite a hockey player,"...

April 09, 1973 | Whitney Tower
Sham always had pretensions of being something special and not just because his daddy is a stallion named Pretense. More important, his dam Sequoia is from a family of champions. Among the tribe...

April 09, 1973 | Herman Weiskopf
Edward III once banned bowling, but with such events as the Tournament of Champions the old sport has now become impressively big on TV

April 09, 1973 | Robert F. Joyce
An eighth-grader's composition tests the patience of a teacher and the knowledge of a sports fan